The Great Suburb Group Massacre/2019

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The Great Suburb Group Massacre

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Note: The next GSGM is scheduled to take place in August-September 2018.

The Great Suburb Group Massacre (GSGM) is a periodic maintenance task here on the wiki. Because the game is always changing and not everyone remembers to keep the wiki updated, the group lists (e.g. Pitneybank's list, which appears on the right side of the Pitneybank page) get cluttered with names of groups who aren't there any longer, either because they've moved on or have become inactive. The wiki is a resource that we need to work to keep up-to-date, so we're cleaning the lists up, and we could use your help.

In the fall of 2018, we'll contacting every single group that's added itself to the lists on the suburb pages, as well as those listed on the Radio Frequency List. Unfortunately, our volunteer staff is very small and the number of groups is very large, so we're not able to hunt down forums for every group, let alone track down group members in-game for every group and ask them for a list of where their group operates. Please be sure to check your group's talk page in fall 2018 for a message from us!

Current Status

Not Yet Begun


Organizing volunteers

Collating lists of groups to contact

Contacting all listed groups

Waiting for responses from groups

Cleaning suburb lists