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Galaxy News Radio - Bringing you the News no matter how bad it hurts.

Galaxy News Radio
Fallout3 standby.jpg
Abbreviation: G.N.R
Group Numbers: 5
Leadership: Three Dog
Goals: Bringing you the news, no matter how bad it hurts
Recruitment Policy: Ask on the Discussion page
Contact: Come talk in our personal studios

Galaxy News Radio, Fighting the Good Fight

We're here to help spread the word of the good fight, you with us, or against us? It all happened when I thought that the people of our city are falling apart, fighting each other not fighting together, there are people out there struggling to survive, scraping by just barely, no long term plan in place, just run and hide and keep running, these people need hope. Hope to survive. You all can help us, we all can help each other when you fight the good fight, it does not mean you have to be heroic, every one is a hero in the good fight, even the smallest roles can sometimes be the most important. Just healing a fellow survivor or re-building the barricades in a building to buy the folks in there more time, think about it then let us know if you're on the side of the good fight.

Our Aims

We aim to bring the people together to fight the good fight. We also aim to put on one great radio show for all you folks listing in, we'll be reporting local and city wide news along with some high quality music!

We'll be reporting at 9pm or as close as we possibly can, every night!

And let's not forget SURVIVE!

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.06 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Where the music takes us…

Our Operations

Creating our defense plan.

Putting on one hell of a radio show!

Groups helping fight the good fight

Borehamwood Research Facility.png Borehamwood Research Facility
When bullets alone just arn't enough, ally with the B.R.F.

These guys are out there fighting the good fight, if you see them in the street give them a big thanks, or even better, some ammo

Doood.jpg N00dles: The Comic
G.N.R agrees that 9 out of 10 wiki pages, need moar n00dles.

Our Staff

Zeke - Three Dog's latest vessel... the DJ is BACK!

Monty Cobra - Died bringing you the news, no matter how bad it hurts!

Three Dog - Died bringing you the news, no matter how bad it hurts!

A Lucky Guy - Died Defending Three Dog

The Nervous Guy - Died Defending Three Dog

fireandice09 - Died Defending Three Dog

Spartan2801 - MIA

Temore Bags - Died Defending Three Dog

Mongomery Osbert II - Died Defending Three Dog

Circus Midget - Scout/Reporter


Here's how we're shaping up.

Currently setting up a defense plan, getting ready for our time to shine... we'll see you all very soon...

Song Requests?

Something you want to hear on the air? leave it with us here! (your name too please)

You have a story?

You got something that needs to be heard? something you wanna tell the people? leave it here and we'll try to report on it!


For your reading leisure find our archives here

Show your love!

A massive thanks goes out to G-Man for making G.N.R a template, those of you out there that listen to our shows, let us know, add this template to your pages

Fallout3 standby.jpg Galaxy News Radio
This user/group supports G.N.R.. Bringing you the news, no matter how bad it hurts.
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