Galbraith Hills Police Department

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Galbraith Hills Police Department
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Abbreviation: GHPD
Group Numbers: 22
Leadership: Scott Dixon
Goals: Protect survivors, drink some beers, enjoy the game
Recruitment Policy: open to all survivors
Contact: Contact GHPD via the forums at [

Who are the GHPD?

The GHPD are a pro survivor group currently operating in Galbraith Hills for the common goal of securing the suburb for survivors.

I'm in Galbraith Hills and I need HELP!

If you're in Galbraith Hills, leave a message here to request healing, revivification, or assistance in securing a safehouse, and we'll do our best to serve you. We provide revives at Clearey Drive [41,54] and the SE Shore Hills cemetery [39,59].

I want to help liberate Galbraith Hills, how do I join?

Pick up a weapon, a revive syringe or a first aid kit and become a part of the rebuilding of Galbraith Hills!

We want to hear from you!

Contact us on the [1] if you:

A. are in Galbraith Hills or on your way over,
B. are a survivor with primarily survivor skills (unless high enough level that you spent some time as a zombie),
C. are not a PKer, and
D. genuinely want to help Galbraith Hills and participate in an active, well organised survivor group.

GHPD Allies

The GHPD have a number of allies active in the area, including:
The Fortress
Village People of the Damned
Knights Templar
Is your survivor group active nearby? [2] Drop us a line if you are interested in working together.


skittle 8, id=1659934 I here by declare war on all your members. Well that's nice skittle 8 since you are a KOS through our warrant system.- pault


Player Killing (PKing) The GHPD considers PKing to be a violation of its Criminal Code. Individuals who are observed PKing may be warranted by the GHPD within Galbraith Hills.

Note the GHPD Most Wanted is an internal group list. Third party reports are not accepted. The GHPD does not condone or take responsibility for non-members who take actions based on the list.

GHPD officers are not permitted to kill other survivors unless the following conditions are satisfied and verified:

The subject has a current warrant on the GHPD Most Wanted for a criminal code violation per evidence. The subject is a member of a group warranted on the GHPD Most Wanted. The subject was witnessed committing a clear violation of the Criminal Code. The officer shall capture evidence by screen shot which will be scrutinised by the appropriate GHPD leadership. Warrant executions must be performed as per the correct procedures as outlined by GHPD leadership.