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Gangsta Business are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 14:50, 19 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Gangsta Business
300 px
Abbreviation: GB
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Stick up Kid, Steady Mobbin
Goals: Get Rich or Die Tryin'
Recruitment Policy: Aggressive. Initiation Required
Contact: Don't call us, we'll call you.

The Gangsta Business clan was formed to proliferate illegal vices to the remaining survivors in Malton. The members of the crew have been known to hold up banks and steal precious artwork from museums. They specialize in money laundering, narcotics trafficking, prostitution, gambling, and racketeering. The Gangstas are deadly and renowned agents in all the methods of information extraction. Under the counsel of the best lawyers in Malton, they have successfully beat many murder cases.


The Gangsta Business crew is headquartered in Eastonwood, a once thriving suburb that has recently come under the tyranny of the Warseers (referred to as retro-Warseers to distinguish from the friendly Neo-Warseers). Their immediate goal is to rid Eastonwood of all retro- Warseers and their sympathizer/collaborators (Sewer Rat Healers). The GB is part of the Eastonwood Federation with a seat on the governing council.

Members Only

Steady Mobbin
Memorable moment: Gagged eskamennamenna with a sock then threw him out of a 4th story window. He fell face first through the windshield of a parked car. His body landed on the car's horn so the entire 'hood could hear his death.
Quote: "You know they call me Steady but you don't know me"

Stick Up Kid
Memorable moment: Committed a triple homicide on the Warseer Clan one day. All three were killed "execution style", two to the head.
Quote: "Hey come here, (slap)(slap)(slap). Dont beg for your life, its pathetic."

Mr V Giner
Memorable moment: Carved up Ghod into pieces for the sake of the zombies' digestion.
Quote: "Real Gangstas don't flex nuts because real gangstas know they got em"

Sean Connerator
Memorable moment: Dualing and murdering Ad'lan and Bogomil.
Quote: ""

Memorable moment: After bad service in Ad'lans pub, he picked up Ad'lan by the shirt and dragged him face first across the bar, knocking down mugs and cutting up Ad'lans face with the broken shards of glass. He then threw Ad'lan through a window (face first) into a garbage bin on the street below.
Quote: "Streets is watchin' "

Tony B Danza
Memorable moment: Killed two ICH Team members in their HQ - Tony threw Seagull Flock out of the 10th floor window to see if he can fly and made Lord of Tears cry.
Quote: "Who's the boss?"

1. (unnamed) -> initial evaluation.

2. (unnamed) -> initial evaluation. (a Warseer traitor)

The Lists

Hit List

(These players are being actively hunted for pking in light of the truce. They will be pked on site.)
1. Aerghabaegeck, AAerghabaegeck, Egack Abergack (zergs)
2. frigga
3. pusclot
4. Scott Sajovic
5. eskamennamenna
6. R Cameron Corbett
7. Ollanius Pius
8. cjo9911
9. skip powell
10. lord Setekh

Watch List

(These players are being closely watched. Thats all)
1. Ad'Lan,Durrant (retro-Warseers)
2. Great Leader Fish (EF imposter)
3. Keichix (ICH Team)
4. Lord of Tears (ICH Team)
5. Seagull Flock (ICH Team)

Sleeps with the Fishes

Ad'lan (x10), frigga (x9), norminator 2 (x9), gossard (x7), Ghod (x7), Durrant (x7), Aerghabaegeck - AAerghabaegeck [alts](x7), eskamennamenna (x7), fog of fire (x5), Bosonator (x3), Charl1e (x3), colgravis (x3), Egack Abergack [alt of Aerghabaegeck](x3), John Donson (x2), Metsu (x2), 180 Solutions (x3), Seagull Flock [of the ICH] (x2), Lord of Tears [of the ICH](x2), Kiro Vaas (x1), Scott Sajovic (x1), Deuif (x1), pusclot (x1), Cameron Edwards (x1), Agent Jones (x1), Bogomil (x1), Emridhs (x1), Freedomfighter007 (x1), Gretnor (x1), TWB (x1), blacknut (x1), pistol935 (x1), The Holy Fog [probably alt for fog of fire] (x1), majorackland [alt for colgravis] (x2), Kittah (x2), Tarantulas (x1), R Cameron Corbett (x1) , Private Dick Hurtz [Gear Ratio] (x1), Vaughner [Gear Ratio, next time think twice before pking] (x1)

Friends of GB

col.gravis [of the Neo-Warseers]
Mr. William Lucas
The Malton Red Berzerk Militia Brigade

GB Ladder

Henchman: Killed 3 retro-Warseers, tagged "Gangsta Business Turf " on 3 buildings and 6 rooms.
Thug: Killed 6 retro-Warseers, tagged "Gangsta Business Turf " on 6 buildings and 6 rooms.
Pimp: Killed 9 retro-Warseers, tagged "Gangsta Business Turf " on 6 buildings and 12 rooms.
Professional: Killed 12 retro-Warseers, tagged "Gangsta Business Turf " on 9 buildings and 18 rooms.
Made Man: Killed 15 retro-Warseers, tagged "Gangsta Business Turf " on 9 buildings and 24 rooms.
Captain: Killed 20 retro-Warseers, tagged "Gangsta Business Turf " on 12 buildings and 30 rooms.
Godfather: Killed 50 retro-Warseers.

Historical Events

St. Valentines Day Massacre

2/14/2006 Many Warseers fell on this day to GB. This was the first retaliation GB orchestrated against the Warseers initial unprovoked attack on the GB headquarters. This signaled their displeasure with Warseer activities in Eastonwood.

The Competition: Warseer Hunting Season

4/26/2006. Round 1 (GB vs PB)

Goal: Kill as many Warseers as possible within 24 hrs on the given date.

  • Only verified Warseers (including spies, zergs, and associates - you know who you are) as listed on a list made public the night before the event will be tallied toward the total.
  • Each Warseer death is by default worth 10 points, except for gossard (only 5 points). Bonus points will be awarded for a select few Warseers (will be made available with the list). Bosonator's protection is guaranteed only up to the given date.
  • Proof (via screenshots) will be required. All screenshoots must not be larger than 400 X 300 pixels and must be submitted to
  • Each clan is only allowed 4 participants who must be declared shortly after the list is publicized (although additional clan members may still kill Warseers to reduce the number of available points the competing clan can accumulate - a sound strategy).

A sign up sheet for group registration will be made available soon. Although the competition is nominally for GB vs PB, any human group can join (except Warseers and affiliates like Sewer Rat Healers). Sorry EF, we may have a competition open to zombies in the near future. Please pick your 4 greatest hunters and start stocking up.

Good Luck GB and PB!

Results: Final scores: GB 7 PB 13. Altogether, 20 Warseers fell on 4/26.

GB list: Ad'Lan, Durrant, Austin Edwards, Bogomil, col gravis, Scott Sajovic, 180 solutions.
PB list: Agent Jones, gossard, Bogomil, Tuba, Veyka, pistol935, nexus936, Nancy Morrigan, Ghod, Fog of Fire, Dr Coyote, Kiro Vaas, Alexander Norman
Unfortunately for GB, one of the registered participants was pked at the start of the contest. Please congratulate PB for an outstanding victory.


  • Stick up kid and Sean Connerator double teamed Scott Sajovic who was hiding out in Shuttlebank. They were high-fiving eachother as Scott was begging for his life.
  • Durrant and Austin Edwards trembled at the sight of Stick up kid. They cuddled together in the corner and died in each others' arms.
  • Stick up kid "bumps" into Adlan with Streets, on his way to a hit. Adlan does not get up (perhaps his brother was playing his character at the time). He declares the hunting season open as they take turns beating down Ad'Lan.
  • PB highlights can be found on their wiki, Pathetic Bill

Aint nothing but a Gangsta Party...

6/20/2006 As members of the Warseers were celebrating frigga's 11th birthday in Ad'lans pub, the Gangsta Business clan crashed the party. Zombie hordes overrun Eastonwood and the Warseer "protectorates" decide to throw a party. To punish the Warseers for their lack of responsibility, Mr. v shot frigga through his birthday hat then stole all his presents. Streets followed by sliding Adlan across the bar, knocking glasses down with his face, then throwing him out the window.

Arrivederci ICH Team

8/28/2006 The ICH Team was put on notice because of an unprovoked pk by one of their members and for serving bad Italian food. The newest GB recruit was initiated into GB after killing ICH members in their own Italian restaurant. First, he dumped a bowl of tasteless spaghetti on Seagull Flock then threw him out of the top floor window. He then proceeded to make Lord of Tears cry by rubbing chopped onions in his eyes and cursing him in a Brooklyn-Italian accent.

Peace on the Streets?

9/10/2006 Not exactly. After cease-fire negotiations initiation by GB, some Warseers were hesitant to declare a truce. Others, weary of the fighting and concerned of the EF dominance in Eastonwood, chose to honor the spirit of the negotiations. This rebel faction of the Warseers, the Neo-Warseers, has decided to befriend GB and fight to keep Eastonwood. Although, no official peace was accepted with the Warseers (referred to as retro-Warseers from now on), the GB allies with Neo-Warseers and is a member of the Eastonwood Confederation.

An Interview with Stick Up Kid

The following is a transcript from an interview the Malton News Network had with the legendary Stick Up Kid from the GB crew.

MNN: It is an honor to finally meet you. I am a big fan of your revolutionary tactics.
Kid: Thank you.

MNN: What started the conflict with the Warseers in Eastonwood? You were once peaceful with eachother combatting the zombies.
Kid: Yes that is true. We lived in harmony for a short period of time. However, one day our original HQ in Eastonwood was deliberately defaced by a member of the Warseers. This member was given one warning (if you get one warning from the GB consider yourself lucky). He chose to ignore the warning and vandalize our home base again, claiming that the Warseers are the only ones who can have a stake in property in Eastonwood. Obviously, that was the worst mistake of his short life.

MNN: Is the legend true? Did you really kill 3 Warseers in one day (50 Action Points)?
Kid: It is true. That day I was deadly accurate with my pistol (I only missed one shot). I killed Ad'lan, frigga, and Charl1e back-to-back-to-back. In typical Warseers fashion, they eached cried and begged for their lives before the final blow.

MNN: Please comment on you signature slaps before you kill someone. I must say it is pretty humiliating.
Kid: I only slap people who beg for their lives. I have fought many men. Some accept death, others cry like babies at the face of it. I slap those pathetic souls before I execute them.

MNN: Have you ever let anyone live?
Kid: Yes. I let gossard live once and tried to declare a truce. Then he turned around a called me a pker. I killed him the next day and the truce was broken. I will not make the mistake of trusting a Warseer ever again.

MNN: What do you think about the bounty that the Warseers put on your head?
Kid: The Warseers can not afford to pay that bounty.

MNN: Some have labeled you a zombie sympathizer. Is there any credence to that statement?
Kid: That is incorrect. However, if I was in a room with a zombie and a Warseer - the Warseer will see death. Zombies dont bother me. When I was younger and less experienced, I used to kill Zombies - mainly for the XP. Now, I pass right by them without altercation. The goal of the GB crew is to rid Eastonwood of the tyrannical Warseers. The zombies can do as they please.

MNN: Are you a pk-er or a degenerate?
Kid: I only murder Warseers and their collaborators/spies/zergs and anyone who claims GB who has not undergone the initiation process. If you are not on the Members Only list, do not claim GB. Generators are essential for our Gangsta activities. We do not destroy generators nor do we smash barricades.

MNN: Is it possible to be removed from your hit list?
Kid: Usually it is not. However, we have recently removed Bosonator from the list. After begging and pleading, and paying us a considerable amount in taxes, we have removed Bosonator from the hit list. Bosonator is paying us weekly so that we don't murder him. He has even offered to pay more for our protection, however when he can not meet our price, his safety will not be guaranteed.

MNN: Are there GB spies in Eastonwood?
Kid: We always have our eyes open.

MNN: How can I join the GB crew?
Kid: There is a very strict initiation process. It entails killing 3 Warseers under the presence of a current member or spy. Then a background check (to filter out the Warseer infilitrators). Then you must tag "Gangsta Business Turf" on at least 6 buildings and 6 rooms in Eastonwood. Then you can gain preliminary membership to our crew. The more Warseers you kill, the higher up the ladder you go.

MNN: Any final comments?
Kid: Yeah. Come here ... (slap)(slap)(slap). Dont beg for your life, Its pathentic.

Stick up Kid killed MNN reporter.

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