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Genny's Revenge
Abbreviation: 8675309 GENNY
Group Numbers: Small but growing
Leadership: Private Bill Paxton, Hesh Applewhite
Goals: They destroy generators. We destroy them. We avenge the cruel and heartless attacks on “Genny,” our ever faithful and crucial generators who give us light, heat, and statistical increases to our searches. We shall avenge her destruction and hunt down GKers wherever they are found.
Recruitment Policy: Please leave a message on the discussion page. There may be a yahoo group in the near future.
Contact: Genny's Forum

In September 2006, Private Bill Paxton and Hesh Applewhite were helping other survivors in Santlerville protect the Dowdney Mall. However, their efforts were greatly hindered by an evil force: Generator Killers, or GKers.

The bane of every survivor's existence, these Anarchofascists are far worse than PKers, because rather than causing harm to one person, they hinder the ability of all survivors to play the game. This is why they must be hunted down and killed. This is why Genny's Revenge was formed. Just call 867-5309 (Genny's Number) and we'll come running.

Genny's New Forum

We have a new forumset up to help with both the reporting of GK'ers and our own recruitment and coordination. Come for a visit. Pop open a beer and share your tales of Genny's Revenge Served Cold.

Genny, They’ve Got Your Number…

What kind of sick, twisted, S.O.B. do you have to be to go around destroying generators (a.k.a. “Genny”), especially when you’re playing as a survivor? One can see destroying the generators if you’re a zombie. Hell, they’re a strategic target for zombies. And zombies have every right to go for “Genny,” because “Genny” is beautiful. She gives us light. She gives us warmth. She increases our search percentages and makes all of our lives better. “Genny” is the single most important item in Urban Dead. Without “Genny,” organized survivor life would not be possible. We’d be scrabbling about in the dark, tripping over ourselves, with nothing to show for 20 AP of searches but a few wirecutters, lengths of pipe, and newspapers. Shopping Malls would not be fun without Genny. No cappuccino machines. No food court. No easy access to guns. No easy access to first aid kits. When she's at the dance club, she's immediately the life of the party. There are no movies without Genny. In short, "Genny" is the cradle of civilization.

But Generator Killers (i.e., GKers) have Genny’s number. And they mean her harm. They strike her down every chance they can get. We find a new Genny, and they trash her as soon as we can hook her up and slip her that petrol cocktail she loves to drink so much. Once Genny is up and running, the GKers dial in and disconnect her.

The GKers are so unfair and cruel to Genny. She’s not the jealous type. She doesn’t mind sharing. She provides power and double search odds to everybody in the room. Even to the GKers. In fact, GKers could not exist for long without Genny. Because revive syringes would immediately become much harder to find if Genny wasn’t hanging around those NT buildings. So how would the GKers get revived if Genny was put down for good?

How To Join Genny's Revenge

Please contact us on our forum, sign up and leave us a message in the recruitment forum. You can take up Genny’s righteous cause anywhere in Malton. All you need to do is get a screen shot of a GKer doing their despicable deed to the hapless Genny, and then hunt that bastard down and hand him Genny’s Revenge served cold – preferably via gunfire or a sharp object. Get a screenshot of that too and post them up at this page (or email them to us), and you’re in.


  • You must be a survivor who possesses Headshot
  • You must be willing to be branded as a PKer by those of lesser intellect.
  • You must be willing to work a beat, clearing out all reported GKers in the area.
  • You must be prepared to keep screenshot records of all known GK incidents you witness.

If you want to join, go to our Genny's Revenge forum, and visit the section under 'recruitment.'

How To Stop the GKers

If you have a confirmed account of a survivor destroying a generator, please post the screenshot of the dirty deed in the discussion area of this page so that a member of Genny's Revenge can promptly splatter their innards across an Auto Repair, Factory, or Mall floor.

Equally important: do not revive GKers!! Please consult this page for news on confirmed GKers before reviving anybody. Do not revive blindly. Know who you are reviving. Many times, people's profiles will give you clues about whether they are likely to GK once revived. People with significantly more zombie skills than human skills are usually a dead giveaway. Especially if their only human skills are body building, diagnosis, and/or free running. Once a GKer is dead, keeping them dead is the key to securing Genny and protecting her.

One other thing. Do not combat revive. Combat revives are probably the single largest cause of GKing in Malton. A zombie who is unwillingly revived almost always marches right into the Mall, factory, auto repair shop, police dept, etc. and trashes Genny. So if you want to protect Genny, don't put her at risk by combat reviving zombies.

Modus Operandi

Genny's Revenge members tend to work alone and are responsible for clearing out the GKers their current area. Armed to the hilt and backed by powerful survivor skills, they stand out because they always carry a case of Genesee Cream Ale in their backpacks. When a GKer is found, they attack them to the verge of death, and then as a symbol of all the pain the GKer has caused other survivors, a can is opened and poured into their near-lifeless mouth.

Genny is more than just a piece of equipment. She powers the pubs and breweries that still exist in Malton. And at some select pubs in town , they serve the beer to destroy all beers, Genny’s Cream Ale. In addition to hunting down and destroying GKers, and working to restore Genny back to her rightful place of glory, we also spread the gospel according to Genny by distributing Genny’s Cream Ale to all pubs where fine beers are served. We do this when we go into a bar and load a few cases of those tough girls into the cooler, fire up Genny, drink to her future health and well being, and finish it off by spray painting “Genny’s Cream Ale Served Here.”

We are not a PKing group in the usual sense of the term. Our goal is to target only those generator killers whom we document with screen shots. We do not harm or attack any other survivors. We are pro-survivor. In fact, by hunting down GKers, and helping to restore Genny to places where GKers have been, we are doing a great service to humanity. We are protectors of civilization. We are the forces of light, sweeping away the darkness and shadow.

Genny's Revenge Christmas Gift

On December 23rd, the Saturday before Christmas, Hesh found the perfect gift for the citizens of Malton... one dead Scorpion.

Another Christmas gift to Malton -- NeiltheScorpion gunned down in Old Arkham on December 25th. Sadly, Private Bill Paxton's digital camera ran out of batteries before he could snap a nice picture of himself posing on Neil's corpse, with a can of the (shiver) nectar of the gods, Genny's Cream Ale, stuffed in the dead bastard's mouth like an apple. (in other words, I was using a friend's computer and wasn't able to get the screen shot saved)

Known Enemies

(Listed in alphabetical order. However, arch-enemies and those who are truly infamous based on their repeat offenses, are listed in bold type) - Private Bill Paxton, 7 Dec 2006)

These are known GKers. They must be brought to justice upon sight.

Genny's Protectors

  • Private Bill Paxton -- What do you mean 'They' cut the power? How the hell could 'They' cut the power, man? They're just animals!
  • Belarus Tom -- I like power. I like very much. People who attack power and cut off energy will have head cut off.

Genny's Revenge has been subcontracted by Malton Power & Light to take down those who disrupt power systems in Malton. We are very proud of this recently signed contract, and hope it is the first of many to come.

Not only is Genny a vital role in our daily lives, but without her electricity in the room, there would be no Christmas lights to cheer us up after a long day of blasting zombies and hunting down GKers.

News on GKer Sightings

Please post any information you have on GKer sightings here, so Genny can have her revenge served cold to the GKer bastards.

  • March 2, 2007. Looks like there are gathering numbers of GKers at Giddings Mall, according to reliable sources.
  • February 28, 2007. NeiltheScorpion ALERT! Neil found me in the movie theater near Ackland Mall before I found him. I was in pursuit based on a tip I got from a survivor that he was in the area. The hunt is now on.... -- Private Bill Paxton 8:25 AM (EST).
  • February 26, 2007. Haven't had much time lately to update the site, but several GKer reports have come in over the last few weeks. For those GKers for which screenshots and profiles are available, you'll find them above in the enemies list. In several cases, we got screenshots but not profiles. The screenshot is the most critical piece of evidence, but for allies of Genny's Revenge, please also remember to grab the profiles, too. Most anti-GKers add the GKers to our contacts list, and give them a special color code so when we're out on patrol and run across a GKer, we know who the bad guys are right away. There are so many GKers out there that most of them you won't remember unless you've got them properly color coded on the contacts list. But since we do have the screen shots, here are some GKers to keep an eye out for (but who are not listed above because we don't have profiles):

GKer: Rod Hawkins Evidence of crime: here

GKer: Kenshin Strife Evidence of crime: here

GKer: Alopikal Evidence of crime: here

GKer: Dead Belushi Evidence of crime: here

GKer: Reuben J Cogburn Evidence of crime: here

  • February 5, 2007. Caiger Mall is in bad shape. The Latrobe NT bldg was overrun and taken by the zeds yesterday, and now there are substantial zombie break-ins in the NW and NE corners of Caiger (the ones with the smallest human population) today. Not a single genny was running when I logged on between 8 am and 10 am. Chaos Driver, the GKer, is in the NW quad of Caiger, but I didn't take him down again because there are zeds inside the mall, so I gunned down 2 of them instead (plus, there was no genny to protect). It took me almost 2 days to get a revive, and there are lots of GKers swarming outside Caiger and Latrobe. Whenever a Mall seige gets to the decisive phase, it seems that the GKers descend from all over to try and land the final blow, and keep the survivors from restoring their depleted ammo and FAKs by keeping the gennys off line inside the mall. I've seen this happen in Dowdney, Stickling, Bale Mall, and now Caiger. If Caiger does fall again, it will not be for lack of trying to keep the GKers out. We've been bagging GKers and throwing them out of the Mall as fast as we can recover AP over the last two weeks. -- Private Bill Paxton 10:04 AM (EST).
  • February 1, 2007. It's just another crazy day inside Caiger Mall. I swear, that place is like a world unto itself. Infected people deliberately die inside the mall so they can rise as a zombie and trash generators. GKers like SpartanTotalWarrior keep up their abuse of genny. And some locals catch EquiIibrium in the act and open some whoopass on him.
  • January 30, 2007. Keep those GKer reports coming, folks! I have just added another batch of new GKers to the enemies list. -- Private Bill Paxton 2:52 PM, EST
  • January 25, 2007. I have gone through the discussion page here, and updated all the very helpful screenshots of GKers. Sorry it took me so long to update the site. I had assumed that they were already added, since some of the GKers cited were repeat offenders. But when I went and checked the screenshots we had on file, I realized this was new evidence. So I have gone ahead and updated the new evidence on our enemies list, while also listing new enemies. I recommend our members and our friends go through the enemies list carefully, and add any new ones to your contacts list. Dont let a GKer slip through because you don't have them properly color coded!
  • January 24, 2007. I've added Necrominator to the GKer list. He just hit a genny inside Caiger today. I also want to note that Private Bill Paxton has been reported as a PKer by the PKer/GKer EquiIibrium. I have disputed the charge on the Rogues Gallery list. -- Private Bill Paxton 1:04 PM, EST
  • January 21, 2007. Poptop has been extremely active destroying generators at Caiger Mall and Darvall Heights. Somebody noted that he seems to hit the gennys at around 7 pm EST every day. Somebody has to be reviving him, too. Keep a close eye out for this GKer.

Two more GKers have appeared in Caiger Mall. One goes by the name of Totenkorper. The crimes against Genny can be seen for yourself. The GKing bastage was still there as of 4:30 PM (EST). The other is Equilibrium, whose deed was also recorded. -- Private Bill Paxton

  • January 17, 2007. ZombieMonkie spotted wreaking a number of gennys and radio transmitters in the western part of Lamport Hills.

-- Thank you for this report. If you can provide any screenshots of proof, we'll add ZombieMonkie to our enemies list. Private Bill Paxton 18Jan2007 1:30 PM (EST)

  • January 8, 2007. Brian Damage has been spotted in the SE quadrant of Pittman Mansion in Quarlesbank. He is not only a PKer, but is an infamous GKer. Hopefully a bounty hunter will take him down if a member or sympathizer of Genny's Revenge can't take him down first.
  • January 3, 2007. Firefighter Verge has destroyed a genny in the Crampton Building (NT facility) in Dunningwood. Before he destroyed the genny, he announced he was going to become a zed again, and then tried to take down the barricades. Do not revive this person. If he wants to be a zombie, let him.
  • January 1st, 2007. My alt and his holed-up friends were GKed by spamforbrains at the Godsland Street School in Dunell Hills at approx. 3 am GMT, while under assault by a zombie horde, no less. Proof here. (I've also reported him to the DEM PKer list... Having had no prior contact with this player, this was griefing, plain and simple.)

-- Could you email this image to benedict9 at a o l dot com? The link does not appear to be working. Private Bill Paxton

  • December 26th, 2006. The generator at Barnett Blvd. Fire Station in Kempsterbank was destroyed by a player named Arsoth earlier today. Proof here.

-- Thank you. Added to enemies list on 27 Dec 2006. Private Bill Paxton

  • December 10, 2006. Kron1921 destroyed a generator in the Spicer Hills area.
  • December 9, 2006. SpankyMalone has destroyed a generator at the Calvert Mall in Gatcombeton.
  • November 14, 2006. Hesh has gone right into the Lion's Den, Giddings Mall, and is bracing for battle with the Scorpion Group. Anyone who wishes to aid in this fight, just dial 867-5309, stroll down to Giddings and kill yourself a Scorpion Group member. -- Edit -- As The Scorpion Group is also a PK'ing organization, it's a bad idea to sleep in Giddings itself. Use a number of safehouses, stay away from auto repairs and factories (always the favorite hideouts of GK'ers) and be aware of the revive points, as they will revive each other.
  • November 12 2006. Also, be advised that the GKer Dr Ocelot is currently active in and around Bale Mall. I've killed this bugger twice now, and another survivor has taken him down once after seeing Genny's website and advising them of Dr Ocelot's GKing activities. That's three takedowns in about a week or so. He was last seen inside the Southall Mansion in East Boundwood. But he's typically within a short distance of Bale Mall. Do not revive Dr Ocelot under any circumstances!
  • November 10, 2006. The GKer aeneid is not going away without a fight. Somebody either very stupid, or downright anti-survivor, revived aeneid, and he immediately set about taking his frustrations out on me inside the Bale Mall. I was taken down and ejected from the mall. But here's the good part. Our anti-GKing message is taking root, because somebody else killed aeneid shortly after he killed me, and threw his body into the street, too!!! Way to go, Bale Mall survivors!
  • November 9, 2006. I want to take a moment to praise the teamwork of the survivors in Bale Mall. I tracked down the GKing scumbag, aeneid, and found the bugger back inside the Mall. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough AP to kill the bastard outright. I got him down to 8 hp and then ran out of AP. So I used my last AP to alert other survivors inside Bale Mall about the GKer, posted the evidence of his crimes, and called upon those inside the mall to take him out. The survivor snek was brave enough to take up Genny's cause, blew aeneid away, and tossed him into the dumpsters outside. Thank you, snek, for this great service you performed. Killing GKers is not true PKing. GKers are a threat to all survivors. Defending our generators by expelling GKers from our midst is a pro-survivor act. -- Private Bill Paxton
  • November 7, 2006. Bale Mall has seen a lot of GKers in the last week. Nendur seems to be particularly active, with 2 documented killings of Genny in a short time frame. Nendur is not to be revived under any circumstances. His own profile says he's been combat revived. Another recent GKer is aeneid. Any reports of their locations will be put to good use in hunting them down and taking them out.
  • October 28, 2006. Creeping Crud is with a zombie group called the Undeadites. His survivor profile indicates he has been combat revived. Do not revive this person. Always scan before you revive, and check the group they have listed in their affiliation field.
  • October 26, 2006. Eric Harris is active at the Stickling Mall. Survivors in that area have transmitted evidence to us of his GKer activity.
  • October 26, 2006. NeiltheScorpion is now gunning for members of Genny's revenge. But don't worry, he'll get a nice dose of Genny's revenge soon enough.
  • October 13, 2006. Apparently, a used condom has been revived. Now he has added a PKing incident to his rap sheet, in addition to killing Genny. One of his Apocalypse Horde minions, a severed hand, has attacked our beautiful Genny. Both incidents occurred in Stedham Auto Repair in Pimbank. Anybody in Pimbank and Randallbank who is in the vicinity, attack these two minions on sight. Do not revive them.

Genny's Revenge Served Cold

Post screenshots of Genny's Revenge served cold upon GKing scum here.

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