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We went to Stickling Mall in Shearbank to help hold off the Mall Tour '07...and yeah, it got ugly. They took the mall and the NT place we were holding in one fell swoop! Kevan's zombie alt even ransacked one corner of the mall!

Getting To Shearbank!

Members, tell us of your scary trip to Shearbank here!

February 9, 2007

  • [Lachryma is leaning against a pillar, looking slightly out of breath]- I stand up in grave place, feeling weird, then I see dead Ev933n shambling towards me, with mouth open. I stick needle in throat, then leave cemetery. I head east, to distant mall. I see Dag00's body in vault of money place, is sad. I no stop though, for I is busy. As I go through suburbs, I see death, hurt people, and barricades. Is disturbing. But I keep going, ignoring smoke from Caiger behind me. I finally reach Stickling, then search for medkits. Healing is needed here.

Feb 10, 07

Febuary 16 2007

The horrid ordeal started when the Whippey Building first came under siege I was a zombie as I made my way there, so I didn’t worry about a safe house. Then as I had slipped into the shadows to rest a man grabs me from behind and jabs a needle into my upper neck... *unconscious* *1 day later* I woke with a strange feeling: it was a chest going up and down I was breathing again. As I got my wits about me I entered a building and jumped from rooftop to roof top till I saw the horror of the mass of zombies and heard the screams of people inside as there horribly disfigured bodies from combat were repaired by the head surgeon who I found out was from Russia and later found out it was Lachryma. I went past the hordes at the mall and proceeded to the Whippey Building thinking that my scientific skills might be of use. That night a small force of zombies slaughtered countless survivors including me. I wake up lying on the ground stiff and look behind me see the Whippey Building closed off to the world. As I stand and notice my horribly injured body, I wonder why I feel no pain then it hit me I’m a statistic... --Mazu 19:07, 16 February 2007 (UTC)


Feb 10, 07

  • [Lachryma looks severely pissed off, and is covered in blood. She is standing in the street] I want to revive fools. So I go to church, is entry point, but annoying moron over-barricade. I spend most of energy trying to lower 'cades. Then I finally get out, revive Zombie Slay3r. I is exhausted now. I go back to church, and filth has barricaded to extremely heavily! I is two block east of church, come with medkit. I is too tired to get back in...
  • Today I got revivified and as soon as I stood up I got bitten and infected, with 21HP I managed to get to the mall even when the nearest 2 entry points (the museum and a PD) were overbarricated, i got into the mall almost dead (with 2 hp). Before passing out i managed to said "infected and really badly hurt, please heal me", and a couple hours later i'm as good as new. Apparently overbarricading is a big problem here-- Che -T GC X 06:20, 11 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Hmmm, I went outside to revive Lach, but got eaten by a random zombie. Again. I'm really bad at this. --Cap'n Silly T/W/P/CAussieflag.JPG 06:47, 11 February 2007 (UTC)

February 11, 2007

  • Having encamped in Stickling, I found myself as embattled as ever, given only a few moments to grab the metal projecticles before repelling the felle spawne. I beseech all bearing arms to head to the Whippey building and join me in glorious combat. --User:Ethelred IV, 14:06, February 11
  • [Lachryma seems very burdened and therefore is slightly annoyed]: I stand up, feeling weird (thanks to Skitch man for revive), then I get lucky and is able to find entry point. I search for medkits at mall, find giant amount. Luckily, rat carries some medkits for me, so I is still able to walk. Perhaps tomorrow I actually heal hurt ones.
  • Gaaaah! Some stupid GK'er breaks the genny. I search for and find another one, drag it back, hook it up, and fuel it up. 2 minutes later, some stupid zombie breaks in and smashes the thing! I unloaded a clip into the guy for it, but I didn't get the kill. Then I decided to hone my feng-shui barricade skills and teach the art to a few new apprentices. --Specialist290 04:05, 12 February 2007 (UTC)

February 12, 2007

  • [Lachryma is yelling at a rat that is, somehow, carrying a portable generator]: Put generator over there. And move faster, zombies want to eat you! Okay, here is food, good job. Anyway, today I heal large amounts of whiny people. They is annoying, but at least they sleep in Whippey. Fools who hide in mall are another matter. Also, I find spray can, use to spray up Soviet flags. I leave real flags at Latrobe, is not lovely. Perhaps I find new flag in mall.

February 13, 2007

[Lachryma looks unusually cheerful]- Today I go outside, revive two new residents of Malton. Then I go to church, see person dragged out to street with 1 HP. I bind up wounds, save life perhaps, and I is happy. Is lovely.

February 15, 2007

Today I went by the good old Whippy Building and was absolutly delighted when I found zombies inside! I proceded to fire from the hip using all the bullets from my three pistols and two shotguns. It came down to vicious hand to hand fighting with an ugly zed, and after a long day of fighting I suddenly became tired. Bloody and infected I limped over to the Stickling Mall. If my damn lung hadn't collapsed again I probably would of been able to kill that fething zed!!! -Jamm26er

February 16, 2007

  • As my body rots away by the whippley building. I and several others pounded at the barricades after what seemed like hours of tearing through barricades i rip out the last piece blocking my entry I open the doors and we swarm in to the huge amount of survivors camped inside the Whippey Building. I choose the first target i see and we begin to slaughter helpless survivors in side the building infecting countless more and basically giving Lachryma a job. As my rigid arm go limp from the non stop killing i go to corner and rest for the rest of day expecting to be thrown out by tomorrow. Also if one of you kill 'axe101' you've just killed one of your dearest members' main character.--Mazu 19:22, 16 February 2007 (UTC)

February 18, 2007

  • [Lachryma is painting her fingernails, you guessed it, red] So today, I wander outside. I stick needle in couple of dead ones (including one I swear is leader of Lime Brigade), then I stop to stare at zombie horde outside Whippey place. It has shrunk, I think, is down to 250 or so zeds. I think they go to SE corner of mall, but I not sure.

February 19, 2007

  • [Cap'n Silly is playing on a looted Xbox 360] Well, I heard some bad shit was happening in the SE corner, so I'm investigating it now. My brilliant detective skills bring me to the conclusion that bad shit is happening down there, due to the four zeds there.
  • [An excerpt from the book Finally, Somebody Who Loves Me For My Brains: The Story of a Disillusioned Stripper] I wake up to find myself surrounded by a dozen zombies. A few of them are beating on the sleeping survivors while several others are fighting over a piece of brain belonging to one of the more intelligent survivors. As I start rebuilding the barricades with the scotch tape and bubble-wrap that I found earlier in the mall FedEx Kinkos, several zombies grab hold of my legs and grumble something about how firm and smooth they are. "Yeah I know, I work my quads everyday," I say as I kick it away with a perfect pirouette. More penny-less zombies start noticing my robust physique and start two-stepping in my direction. I manage to place one more piece of bubble-wrap over the door before I exhaust myself and fall helplessly to the ground. My last thoughts are of bunnies as the zombies tear my skull apart into two halves. I leave a beautiful corpse. --Skitchipoo 22:08, 19 February 2007 (UTC)
  • [Lachryma is lounging on the roof of Whippey. She appears to be getting a tan] I wake up from death at Allder Row. I see leader of Malton Rangers staggering about, so I stick needle in neck. If you see him, tell him to find me. He owes me scotch, at least. After that, I break 'cades at St. Chris with fire axe, check status of SE corner of mall, is fine, then I root about in Whippey for needles. But is boring, so I come to roof. Is lovely, no?

February 20, 2007

[The Cap'n is on fire] The south east corner was boring, so I came back to Whippey. Although I don't know how the hell I caught on fire, it's good to be back.

February 21, 2007

  • Che13 - Minor break in 4 Zombies.Skitchipoo. me and some others take care of the situation. I managed to shoot those things down, and finally learned the art of feng shui barricading. (I think I killed 3 zeds, if anyone can take a screen shot I would really like to have it)
  • [Lachryma is messing with a digital camera. She seems to be trying to fix it.] Unfortunately for Che13, expert photographer that is me was absent from building during alleged zombie kills. Is sad. However, I go on healing spree today, was fun. I heal Specialist290 from 13 health to full, heal two people from 20 HP to full, then I run out of medkits. I go to mall, get more, heal 2 HP person, heal 33 HP plus infected person, heal myself, patch up Nibiletz, then I search for needles. I is on fire today, in metaphorical sense.

February 22, 2007

  • [As you glance towards the southwest you see a man on the top of the Nisbet Building yelling and throwing bricks at zombies below. What a surprise, it is Zombie slay3r.] Wow it is a lot better here at this NT. I have seen only two break-ins, there is a small number of zombies outside, and I haven't died here once (unlike my Whippey 3:3 death to days occupied ratio). Today I scouted out the area, revived Ev933n, and looked for some syringes. It appears that half of the zombies at the Whippey moved to the SE corner of the mall. I'm still not going back there though.
  • I'm wondering where are the zombies went??? Last I checked there were only 157 zeds outside the Whippy building. Doesn't anyone love me....(tears) Oh well, I guess I'll kill the zombies that broke into the Whippy building with my rubber chicken. - Jamm26er Feb 22, 2007 2:42pm
  • I would have had four kills today, except when the zeds were down to 5 HP, some bastard stole my kills! GRRRRRR. --Cap'n Silly T/W/P/CAussieflag.JPG 19:45, 22 February 2007 (UTC)

February 24, 2007

  • User:Ethelred IV woke several mornings ago to find himself dead and sprawled on the pavement. Thankfully, Lachryma rezzed him, but by this time, Whippey had fallen and so was the mall. He headed to Nisbet to rest up, only once again to be awoken by something attacking him. Using his last three clips of pistol ammo, he killed two of the attackers and headed to a police station, to be woken up by something trying to eat him. He is now sitting in a Railway station, having concluded that sleeping with zombies nearby is the worst idea in the known world.

February 25, 2007

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