Ghost Tactics

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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.


Ghost tactics are a way of evading zombies in a dangerous scenario, utilizing the fact that zombies will not (usually) mass-attack buildings with certain properties.

How to use Ghost Tactics

Zombies, when attacking en masse, purposely attack buildings that they think will hold the most survivors. They look for buildings that:

  • Are extremely heavily barricaded.
  • Are powered.
  • Are near a mall/fort/nt building.
  • Are being attacked by other zombies.

Thus, when a survivor wishes to hide from zombies, he/she should avoid buildings with those properties.

Where to hide

Hide in buildings that:

  • Are not incredibly well barricaded. (Remember: Too low a barricade level can also be dangerous)
  • Are not powered.
  • Are not near any zombies.
  • Are not near important buildings.

By hiding in places like these, a survivor can (hopefully) ride out the storm undetected.