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A Ghost Town is a Suburb that is primarily ruined and holds few survivors or zombies. On the Danger map these areas are coloured grey.

Such areas are usually created when a large zombie horde moves through an area, leading to a lack of survivors and high repair costs as buildings decay. The notion of Fiddler's Green Syndrome helps increases the likelihood of these areas, as many survivors will opt to remain in 'green' suburbs rather than venturing out into ruined and dangerous areas. With minimal survivor presence to justify their attention, the zombies will often move on, effectively evacuating the area. Since spawning does not happen in ruined buildings, these areas tend to remain isolated until survivors make a proactive effort to move back in. Some survivor groups specialise in reclaiming these areas.

Ghost towns are traditionally the area where the highest repair costs for buildings are found. These areas are particularly popular with those survivors undertaking Extreme Repairs.

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