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We of the Gift of the Goddess are a small religious group looking for salvation. We believe that the Goddess' Poem predicts the very event that has occured within Malton and the "War of the Beasts" refers to the battle, in Malton, between humanity and the undead. The poem speaks of the Gift of the Goddess and says that it will be delivered during the War of the Beasts. It is our belief that the Goddess has delivered the dead to 'bliss' or the zombie state. The Gift of the Goddess is a group dedicated to helping all achieve the Divine Resurrection and Transformation into the holy, undead state. We also revivify true devotees who wish to continue their work for the zombie cause as a human, either as a P.K, a Death Cultist or a Zombie Spy. If you are interested then click here but it is good enough to simply share our beliefs and work towards our goals even if you do not believe in the Goddess or join our group.

            Gift of the Goddess.jpg
                       The Gift of the Goddess - Within the orb
                       lies the power that transforms humanity,
                       from the mortal flesh to holy undead
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