Glass Park

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Glass Park

Dunell Hills [09,37]

Coorte Square Standen Row the Fennessy Building
(West Becktown)
St. Mary's Church Glass Park McDermott Park
(West Becktown)
a cemetery a factory Emes Walk
(West Becktown)

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Glass Park



Glass Park was a public relations nightmare from the start. Dunell Hills bigwigs decided to embrace the arts and set aside 3 acres for an outside sculpture park. While this is a wonderful and noble idea that has worked in many other cities, Dunell Hills city planning royally screwed this up.

The first installation was a large wind chime made of recycled materials. It was only slightly annoying on windy days, but they planted trees around it to catch the wind and quiet it down.

The next 3 statues into the park were innocent enough on their own (which is how they were submitted and approved) but when displayed in the park implied a very nasty sexual vignette. This wasn't discovered until Godsland Street School, of all the schools, had their 5th grade field trip there.

The final straw was the actual Glass House sculpture. In an evening dedication ceremony the lights placed inside the house sculpture illuminated the park and gave off a wonderful aura of color. However, the next morning 4 fatalities were reported as the sun glinted off the statue blinding motorists and the News 7 helicopter pilot.

These days Glass Park is divided into 4 soccer fields and a track. Nothing stands on the ground, not even the soccer goals.

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