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Glitch logo-764885.jpg
Abbreviation: Glitch
Group Numbers: Private
Leadership: The PC
Goals: To creatively play UD
Recruitment Policy: Level 10 and above.
Contact: Forums

Glitch is a group of friends, who like to be creative in their way of playing urban Dead. We don't conform to any "side" or "fight". We're not PKers, Death Cultists, Dual Nature or Survivors. We just do as we please. We'll do what we want, and if its really funny, we'll repeat the performance. If you do something idiotic, we will probably visit you with a creative death.

Our Methods

Listen carefully now. Its not that hard to understand. WE ARE NOT ZERGERS. We are real people with our own separate characters.

So what are your Aims?

Well I can't really answer that. At the start of all of this it was just a group of friends with no particular intentions. Each activity is voted on, and we roll with it. No matter what. We have fun, and that is all that matters in the end. This is a game, and games are for fun.

Then by accident, after Ackland happened. We had a change of mind. Lets make this official. Lets make a group. Lets let more people to join in the fun that we had. With that, Glitch was born.

Recruitment Policy

As a general rule you must be level 10 and over. Please note this isn't set in stone. You can't have all crap skills and demand to join. Next, you could join if your under ten. You need all gun related skills, plus free running. So level 6 could be a possibility. Depends on how we're feeling.

For those who meet these requirements, STOP!

             He who would join the group of Death 
             Must answer me 
             These questions three 
             Ere the Glitch side he see.

These three question will be administrated on the forums when you sign up. I wonder what they could be...

Notable Activities

Does not include minor killings

February 27 - We kicked off the fun by splitting into two teams, The Amurikans and the UnAmurikans (Although it wasn't pure, as there was one American in the team) The activity was: One week, Four suburbs - Kill as many of the opposing team as possible. The event was a resounding success with a decisive win for the UnAmurikans!

March 14 - The reason why we formed Glitch. Ackland Mall. This resulted in a lot of WTF-ing form the locals. Can't tell you much about it, but it ended up with a lot of hilarious survivor death. They though it was Red Rum, they thought it was a zerger, they even thought is was a five year old that thought rude names were hilarious. They thought wrong. It ended up like this.


A zerg? Nope. See the names, all the exact same. How did you do that? Well, we call it an Ackland Kill

March 26 - Another Ackland. After spending the week hunting the NSU, we were led to Buckley Mall. We were bored waiting for the Nazi to stand up so we could kill him again, so we decided to attack the most populated area of the mall. 18 solid kills.

April 5th - After a while spent running around malton looking for a decent mall to hit, we settled in Stickling to the tune of 15 kills. Apparently nobody noticed the pun..[Cue zerger accusation!] Pun.jpg

April 21st - Here that? That's Sgt. Donny Donowitz. But you might know him better by his nickname. The Bear Jew. Now, if you heard of Aldo the Apache, you gotta have heard of the Bear Jew. We got a Bounty Hunter who wanted to die for his badge! MSMD and ilovedeath44 obliged him. Revenge taste sweeter when its delivered via baseball bat.

April 22nd - The fun contiues! We went for a small kill this time, but it still worth it!


May 26th - Glitch gets in on the recent conflict going on in Krinks in the Third Battle of Krinks.

What next? You'll find out soon enough.

Please Note

We are not idiots. Do not treat us as such.

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