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Guardians of the YRC are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 08:49, 6 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Guardians of the YRC
Abbreviation: GoYRC
Group Numbers: Minimal, not recruiting
Leadership: Gasbandit
Goals: The Defense of Yagoton, the YRC and Mall in particular
Recruitment Policy: Not seeking members
Contact: Our Talk Page

The End

Adios, Muchachos ((Zerger))


A self-appointed, unsanctioned and independent group of survivors who patrol Yagoton, particularly the YRC and sometimes Bale Mall trying to secure against zombies and murder-minded survivors. When the going really gets nasty, as it often enough does, they also pitch in with the actual revive work at the clinic.

Because of their more militant nature in defending the Clinic and Yagoton, members of GoYRC tend to keep a low profile, in order to reduce the amount of organized retaliation from executed murderers and saboteurs. Hence, a public listing of members is not maintained, other than disclosure of the identity of our leader, and we keep no formal single base of operations. If you have any questions regarding whether someone really IS a member, contact Gasbandit either by his talk page, the group talk page here, or via radio frequency 26.61. He also carries a mobile phone.

Radio Frequency

In spirit of cooperation with other like-minded groups (in particular The Abandoned and the YRC general staff), the Guardians of the YRC broadcast on 26.61mhz.

Combat Revives

Syringe.jpg CR Whiners Suck
The GoYRC considers zombies who "avenge"/complain about combat revives to be whiny hypocritical babies.
  • The Guardians of the YRC discourage combat revives, but make it clear that they do so only for purely strategic reasons: IE, reviving a zombie player who resents it may do more damage if he has free running.
  • The GoYRC does, however wish it to be known that it is our official policy to consider such activity on the part of the revivee to be hypocritical. If you don't want to be revived, get the Brain Rot zombie skill. It is asinine in the extreme to complain about combat revives when there exists a passive skill to negate it that doesn't even have any prerequisites. You just want to have your cake and eat it too, zombie babies. It would be like survivors complaining about zombies coming into buildings because said survivors don't want to have to buy the barricade skill, or complaining about infection because they don't want to have to use FAKs. Listen up, infant: If you get revived and you don't want to be a survivor, go stand outside (where the zombies will surely reclaim you to their bosom in minutes) or find a tall building to jump off of! It's not rocket science.
  • Remember folks, don't combat-revive, because the guy you revive is probably a hypocritical immature asshole who will do all the damage he can from the inside.

Murderer/Saboteur List

This list consists only of Survivors that GoYRC members have personally witnessed killing other survivors without justification, or sabotaging equipment. Profiles linked on name. This is not a bounty list. No amount of counter-kills gets a name off this list.


  • The entire Amish Liberation Front -- homicidal group frequently known to operate in Yagoton. They favor the area around Bale Mall, but have been known to strike anywhere in the suburb, and often make trips to other suburbs. However, it should be noted that they seem to generally withold fire from staff of the YRC due to the clinic's neutral revive policies. This, of course, does not extend to the more aggressively militant Guardians of the YRC.
  • The Neon Knights - Crazies, that's what they are. They seem to claim that the YRC is somehow responsible for the zombie outbreak. They have damaged/killed YRC resources, and as such must be dealt with. Forcefully.
  • Disciples of Zeko - More of an annoyance than an actual threat, this "Murder cult" should be shot on sight, dragged out into the street, shot again, cut into pieces, each piece shot, buried in animal droppings, then shoot the burial mound.
  • Mall Tour - The mall tour is a bit of an inconvenience, though a very brief one. For the tour to "declare victory" only means they have a mall or building empty and ransacked, even if for only a couple minutes. They then scurry away like frightened undead rabbits, purportedly to their next "target." While this is a laughable definition at best, the group nevertheless is a de-facto enemy of the Guardians, the YRC, Bale Mall, Yagoton, Malton, and, well, humanity in general... but they are a threat in much the same way that toenail fungus is a threat. Furthermore, we are led to wonder that if they found one of their targets devoid of survivors (IE, everybody just moved one building over when they arrived), would they just tear down the barricades, ransack, declare victory and run away, leaving the survivors to then effortlessly reclaim within an hour of the "attack?" Anyway, the most irritating part of the mall tour are the whiny zombie spies, who rather than just jumping off a nearby building, sneak in and exploit their human status to sabotage and murder from the inside, claiming they do this from the moral high ground because they were "combat revived." See the section pertaining to that, above.
  • The Maltonian Inquisition - Showed up in early Feb 07 and started cappin' people in the YRC. To be dispatched on sight.


  • ga -- Murderer/Saboteur, mostly operates around the YRC
  • Heb -- Murderer/Saboteur, mostly operates around the YRC
  • Reptileus -- Confederacy of Malton, last seen around the YRC
  • to talk -- Murderer/Saboteur, mostly operates around the YRC
  • Demon Warlord -- No, you're not a Demon, or a Warlord.. you're just a prick who kills people in the clinic.
  • Mitz -- Murder/Sabotage in the YRC.
  • Eric Wolton -- Murder in the YRC... His profile claimes The Abandoned as his group, but they have repeatedly and publically disowned him.
  • PatheticBiII -- Yet another PatheticBill doppleganger (this one using capital i's). Murder in the YRC.
  • emaN sdrawkcaB -- Murder in the YRC, but gotta give him character credit... he DOES type everything backwards, even what he says out loud.

The following 3 characters are believed to be played by the same player-

  • jeffweaver -- Murder in the YRC, but profile would seem to indicate he was a combat-revived zombie... but kill him anyway in either case.

Zombies of Note

This is a list of Zombies who are handy to have in your contacts list so you can single them out of a mob to kill.

  • Maxime - Brainrotted habitual clogger of the revive queue at the YRC. Has to be killed at St. Swithun's at least once a day.
  • Ramkoers - Zed that, if revived, relishes running from building to building destroying generators. Epitome of the hypocritical zombie player. When survivors die in a siege, they go get revived. When guys like this get combat-revived, they try to help the zombies while still a survivor.

Justice Denied... until you fill out form 117B in triplicate in the presence of a notary public


There's a reason we banded together to do what we do. Part of that reason was a mutual distaste for the way other people do things. Today we've had that distaste further reinforced. A more "prevalent" listing of PKs and such lists two of our members as PKs because they killed Fisu and Just David, who are above noted as murderers and saboteurs. Today I posted on the board of the administrators of this list, under the naive idea that I might be dealing with kindred spirits. As I stretched out my hand, it was casually disregarded. It seems that while they espouse that they are free of politics, it seems the DEM has a love for uncompromising bureaucracy. One of the concepts we eschew.

See, they have a saying, "Screenshot or it didn't happen." The very notion of a screencap of a text-based game proving anything is ludicrous. If one were so inclined, it would be a simple matter to roll a new character, have somebody kill that character, take one screenshot and save the HTML of the "screen" of that happening, then alter the name in the HTML, and take another screenshot and merge the two together. A few minutes, and you have what the DEM calls "ironclad evidence" of murder.

Meanwhilst, the DEM completely discounts claims made in an open forum on the wiki, that not only went unchallenged but confirmed, as hearsay and inadmissible. An easily forged screenshot is better evidence than a signed and corroborated admission of guilt? Additionally, the fact that Fisu is a member of The Maltonian Inquisition counts for nothing to them. Just ask around in Whatmore or Bale Mall, about Fisu and the MI, and you'll get to the heart of the matter faster than 100 meaningless screenshots. It is also the (laughingly sad) case that while they acknowledge that Just David is a PK and must be killed, because their precious bureaucratic records didn't receive word of this until 13 days after El Camino exacted just and righteous punishment upon him, Camino is also tarred with the same brush in their eyes. Furthermore, the entire affair is handled with the antiseptic indifference of one who does not actually believe in righting wrongs, but rather only cares for keeping the books straight. No consideration is granted for the fact that our goals are the same as the ones they claim to pursue. These are not vigilantes, heroes, or agents of justice. They are not kindred spirits. These, my comrades in arms, are accountants.

We've received a reminder today, people. A team of under 10 can more quickly and accurately do anything that a bureaucracy of over 400 claims to do. We know what we do is right, so to hell with the deluded pencil-pushers. We don't need them, we do it better without having to tie ourselves down. And anybody who attempts to "collect" on the specious bounties placed upon our members will join the others hunted on our list. --Gasbandit(Talk | GoYRC) 04:08, 13 March 2007 (UTC)

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