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Godspeed you! Black Emperor are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 13:43, 17 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Godspeed you! Black Emperor

GY!BE is a roleplaying survivor group which opporates all over Malton.

Godspeed you! Black Emperor
Abbreviation: GY!BE
Group Numbers: Small/Unknown
Leadership: Organized by Black Emperor, but Anarchist in ideology
Goals: To end rampant consumerism and promote a society that acts in the best intrest of all.
Recruitment Policy: Talk page, or contact Black Emperor
Contact: Again, Please use the talk page

Origins: The group name comes from the post rock band that inspired the group to form. In it's previous context, the name was taken from a Japanesse documentary, but it's current interpretation the group uses is largely sarcastic. It regaurds the current state in Malton to be dominated by evil forces: Zombies and player groups that serve thier own ends and do not serve the people. These "black" groups are currently rampant in Malton. The name serves as wake up call, pointing out the fact that a lot of evil exists in Malton.

Ethics and ideals: The group operates under the idea of premise of promoting Anarchy. The group has no formal leader or person in charge, instead prefering to allow members to act as they see fit. It is more like a collective of individuals with like minded ideals. It's membership is totally open and unrestricted. Even members who do not opperate with each other are encouraged to join.

Generally, the group frowns upon gathering in malls, police stations, and Necrotech facilities. Necrotech facilities were original a place where scientists made enourmous profits before the outbreak that lead to the city's abbandonment. Police stations (and forts) were abbandoned by the government sworn to protect and serve all of the people, when in fact the police and army leaders left, leaving commoners unable to escape. Malls are a place of rampant consumerism, where people, instead of being active and showing concern in Necrotech opporations, shopped thier savings away. The group does acknowledge that these buildings have unfortunately become nessesary to use in order to survive, they do use them with spite and are encouraged to deface such buildings.

Lastly, the group does not begrudge any member of the police, army, or necrotech employees. These people, while originally put in a position of power, are now in need of help just as much as any other individual. Anger is directed at those who left us here. Instead of beind destructive inside of Malton, the group seeks to unify Malton in it's vision of equality and peace. It seeks to end the zombie crisis and move on, creating a sort of Utopian society inside of Malton.

Activities: Currently, the number of supporters are small and scattered. Members often spraypaint "Godspeed you!Black Emperor" around the city. In time, if enough supporters are gathered, such activities such as rioting and zombie elimination shall take place.

Membership Queries: No explicit permission is needed to join the group. Members may belong to other groups besides GY!BE. The idea is to spread the views of the group. However, there are power in numbers, and interested parties are encouraged to leave notes on the talk page. Eventually, formation and opperations inside certain suburbs would be hoped for.

--BlackEmperor 22:54, 12 June 2007 (BST)

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