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All Hail The Golden Machine Gun

Golden Machine Gun
Cat machine gun.jpg
Abbreviation: GMG
Group Numbers: N/A
Leadership: none, (started by Brian Eetar)
Goals: To spread the word of the great Golden Machine Gun to All of malton
Recruitment Policy: open to all,Live and dead alike
Contact: The forum and talk page

The Golden Machine Gun, is, in short, supposedly what you get after completing 100% of the video game TF2's achievements. The Golden Machine Gun, is, in long, all that has been stated in this page on the game's forum

Who really created the GMG

Though the UD group has been created by Brian Eetar,the GMG itself was not.

"So, who made it?" you ask, well, that question is a matter of slight controversy,

All the evidence point that noodleboy347 is the starter of the phenomena, various other creators have been claimed to be the inventors, amongst them are:

How do I join

The Golden Machine Gun is not much of a group,it's more of something you can support, we don't go on raid's or protect certain points or operate revive-points for that matter, rather than inform the inhabitants of Malton about The Wonder Of The Golden Machine Gun itself

GMG.jpg Golden Machine Gun
This User or Group Spreads The Word.
All hail The Golden Machine Gun


Golden Machine Gun day

October 4 is the official Golden Machine Gun day, marked for being the day The Golden Machine Gun was first mentioned, Maybe there will be a party,if there will be enough supporters until then.

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