Gray Matter Matters

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_Brain Quest_ I seek the suculent brains of Mary Bennett I wish to bite her and eat her brains. It's what I do! Help us deliver her and her sweet little poet's heart unto the ranks of the UNDEAD. We always seek sweet tender goodness to enrich our collective's overall lust for fresh meat.



Priority is given to taking and controling The Coram Building. This will disrupt emergency human squeeling! They must be shut off from each other so that we may maintain our abject dominance!

Their only true advantage over us is their ability to broadcast messages over radio and phone. We must anticipate this and take the proper action needed to destroy and control radio and phone masts! Now do it!!! Destroy & Feed.jpg I support the BCLogo.PNG

Gray matter.jpg  <----Notice the affected area of the male brain. Coincidence?...NO WAY! 
Pelosi Undead.jpg
_She Gets Knocked Down But Just Keeps Coming Back_

Calling All Zombies

While sniffing around for some Zombie lovin in Fryerbank I decided to trash the Sherriff Towers. Today was a good day. I smashed a radio to uselessness and destroyed a generator. I also destroyed a cubist statue. Oh and I infected a civilian and killed another that was injured pretty bad already. Now that's ZOMBIE behavior damnit!!! I guess you could say "He's outta control!"

Zombies Don't Get Much Lovin.
Zombie Eat Brainzzz.jpg

12-14-2010 Hospitals are boring. Why would one hold up in a hospital? I rather prefer a bar or cinima. Well at any rate, I just kicked the doors down at Servatius General Hospital in Danversbank and sank my teeth into a civi. Another Zombie added to the ranks. Gotta love it. I may not kill em on the spot but I have a nasty infectuous bite.

12-17-2010 What a day here in Ridleybank I just ruined the Caswill Lane School and I loved it. I thrill to the destruction of survivor hideouts. I think 2011 is going to be a good year for the undead.

12-18-2010 Good Morning dying world! I just rendered Owens Crescent School Ruined!!! That's what I do when I waste all my AP to bring down the cades to find no live brains to munch on. So I gets a little pissed and trash the place. What'cha gonna do? Kill me? Bwwwwaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaa!!!

12-18-2010 Well whadaya know. Sourmash has ruined yet another building. Twice in one day. He needs brains. That is the only thing I can attribute to the destructive behavior. He Smashed and ruined 56,43 in Ridleybank. I would rather bite survivors.

1-28-2011 I just gained access to the Keedwell Plaza School in Shearbank Several humans have been hold up there. I killed one severly infected another and await a regeneration of action points to continue the onslought. I wish to ruin the place. I like doing that. It brings me peace and serinity. Don't leave me alive or i will destroy everything in my path. It's what I do. I am a hostile Zombie.

3-3-2011 Humans must be dealt with. Havercroft will never be the same. Ackland Mall belongs to the undead. Killing is thrilling. Bodies lie strewn from one end of the mall to the other end. Team work and presistance are the answer. Are we limited by our very nature when waring with the human factor? Yes. Are we none the less victorious? HELL YESS! I destroyed countless barracades and personally made at least 8 kills. I infected at least 30 who if untreated eventually died and rose as Zombies. Oh it was a grand victory. I am proud to be a Zombie!

Brain Quest are survivors on my hit list. Mary Bennett...She will be a Zombie soon. A quote from the unsoiled Mary Bennett,"Misfortunes, we are told, have been sent to test our fortitude". Her fortitude would be my pleasure to test.

I agree with The Feral Undead's Program Ep1224finger.jpg|


Militant Order of Barhah.gif Militant Order of Barhah
The MOB is coming...

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