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The Grayside Board of Groups (A.K.A Grayside BoG Gray BoG, GBOG) is a grouping of boards in both East and West Grayside. Only members of the board may edit it. In addition, please check the discussion page frequently or by clicking the watch button that is next to history tab.

The Board

Due to recent attacks on new players in groups and the exacting of player killing by several players, the Board is here to help elevate this tension between players, helping everyone to get to optimal efficiency. The Board is here to help all groups, including yours!

Board Policy

The Board Policy is for peaceful negotiations during war time and a simple get together for groups to discuss the latest politics. However, the Board will show a zero tolerance to vandalism and the misuse of this board. Examples include writing obscene words that serve no purpose (Guest 1:" I am bzy @ Roftwood with allies, may take a while to finish decel." Guest 2:" I am screwing everyone's mother! MOther fiocker!") as well as displaying propaganda for recruitment all over the page (repeating said propaganda all over the page which is a form of brain wash advertising, which is against advertising policy and therefore is illegal). The Board is not for recruitment or for swear wars to begin.

Board Rules

1.) No obscene messages completely off topic are allowed.

2.) No repeating advertising of recruitment are allowed.

3.) Group must have a minimal of 1 ambassador from said group.

4.) No one will abuse the main article here.

5.) War time treaty may take place here as well as negotiations for peace. Under no circumstances, is the Board to be abused for said group(s) to use for own purposes.

6.) Extreme violence is prohibited from the groups here.

7.) All groups in Board must respond to Board calls as well as any messages pertaining to the Board.

8.) All groups in Board must send status reports of said group.

9.) This Board is not to be used to rule over all groups.

Board Confusion

This Board is a gathering of people to talk during peaceful times. Under no circumstances is this to be confused with a dictatorship. This is a simple collective of groups in both Graysides, made to unite both suburbs. Anyone can join at anytime!

Board Group List

Please send your name of the group as well as leader of group and a small picture of your group (such as the one in the group box in your suburb)

West Grayside

East Grayside

Group(s) Statuses

Please enter in your status here! Your status is you condition such as disbanded, recruiting, at war, and anything else. Please enter your status in Bold!