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Greater Blackmore

What is Greater Blackmore

Greater Blackmore consists of the blocks under the direct control of the Blackmore Bastard Brigade and is centered around the Blackmore Building in Ridleybank and includes blocks in Stanbury Village and Barrville that are controlled by survivors. The name was first coined by Bob the DDG on the forum of the Blackmore Bastard Brigade. It is hoped by survivors that in time, the whole of Ridleybank, Stanbury Village, and Barrville will be annexed into Greater Blackmore.

Important Areas of Greater Blackmore


Stanbury Village

  • Nichols Mall - Maintained by both the MRH and The Secret Six, it only takes 5 AP to get from the Blackmore Building, making it the best place to resupply outside of Ridleybank.


The day Ridleybank went RED

Our own Little Bash

That's right, the Blackmore Bastard Brigade is now celebrating the day the suburb of Ridleybank went RED! According with the Department Of Homeland Security (the Ridleybank Resistance Front's defence group for Central Malton) barricade plan for Ridleybank, we've updated their map into a more accurate copy.

Current Status in Greater Blackmore

Barricade Map of Greater Blackmore

This map is giving you the latest update about the status in Ridleybank:

Lawson Bldg
Bush Blvd
Elphick Walk
St Jude's Hospital
Hailstone Way
Coat Road School
Club Dury
Reaston Monument
Burney Avenue
Scarpen Street Rail
Combe Bldg
Lewellen Way
Camidge Drive
Chap Place
Dufferin Park
Sumption Arms
Alkin Road Rail
Reay Arms
Pescod Bank
Morton Lane
Club Capps
Cribb Row Rail
Purnell Bldg
Owens Crescent School
Donn Blvd School
Cantrill Alley
Priestly Grove Rail
Rountree Crescent
Moggridge Place PD
Whalen Arms
Caswill Lane School
Club Vaughan
Hollwey Street School
Kenworthy Bldg
Acreman Road Fire Station
Wisby Walk
Riglar Blvd
Gaskell Lane
warehouse (phone)
Maragret General Hospital
Selwyn Blvd
Blomfield Grove PD
Glanvile Towers
Bagley Bldg
Club Priscott
Wootten Towers
Hollbrook Motel
St George's Hospital
Buttery Row School
Phillips Road
Adalbert General Hospital
Boniface Library
Eugene General Hospital
Chilwell Museum
Hubbard Blvd Rail
Acourt Library
Rodgers Bldg
Nother Plaza
Palsey Alley
Scudamore Arms
Snooke Towers
Musgrove Museum
Margery Avenue
Blackmore Bldg
Billings Lane School
Wriford Bank
St Silverus's Church
Twycrosse Alley
St Luke's Hospital
Frappel Street

St Theodore's Church
Mesney Museum
Woodland Towers
Dunster Road
Highton Place
Tardew Row
Esain Drive
Blakey Street
Allsop Arms
Evill Avenue
Gunningham Walk
Stuart Library
St Simon's Hospital
Dibbings Bldg
Clementina Monument
Spring Bldg
All Blackmore Bastards are encouraged to take possession of these buildings, and to barricade them as such!
These buildings are in possession of one or more Blackmore Bastards, and are barricaded as such. Any zombie trying to infiltrate, will be handled as violating the Blackmore Bastards Brigade uniform Barricading plan (All buildings are red.), and will be harshly exterminated.


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