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Greater Blackmore Life Battalion
Abbreviation: GBLB
Group Numbers: Volunteers of the Blackmore Bastard Brigade.
Leadership: Hulk no like PKers. Hulk no like GKers. Hulk smash PKers and GKers. HULK SMASH!!!
Goals: To patrol Greater Blackmore and harshly deal with known PKers and GKers
Recruitment Policy: Just sign up for it and do the job that needs to be done.
Contact: We use the forum hosted on the New Malton Colossus boards. Go there to find who needs to be brought into a whole world of pain.


Currently, the Greater Blackmore Life Battalion is recruiting volunteers from the Blackmore Bastard Brigade. We need them to fight in the Battle of Blackmore and in the Battle of Nichols Mall. Postions in all three companies need to be filled.


Since nearly the beginning, the Battle of Blackmore and the Battle of Nichols Mall has been beset by PKers and GKers. During the beginnings of the Battle of Blackmore, PKers took the form of zombies who were combat revived. As the Blackmore Bastard Brigade was strengthening its position in Ridleybank, the Apocalypse Horde decided to forego being a horde and attack the Bastards as survivors. When Nichols Mall entered into the conflict as a resupply source, they started suffering attacks from PKers and GKers as well. The worst was in the PH made a surprise PK attack and killed a large number of people. Now, Red Rum has entered hostilities against the Blackmore Bastard Brigade, attacking both the Blackmore Building and Nichols Mall.

To deal with these hostile survivors, on September 16, 2006, the Blackmore Bastard Brigade commissioned the creation of the Greater Blackmore Life Battalion.


The Greater Blackmore Life Battalion is tasked to patrol Greater Blackmore and neutralize threats that manifest themselves as survivors, such as PKers, GKers, and death cultists. While the Blackmore Bastard Brigade is centered around the Blackmore Building in Ridleybank and Nichols Mall in Stanbury Village, the GBLB must range across these suburbs to hunt down any hostile survivors and make sure they don't cause any trouble.

The Life Battalion makes sure they don't by patrolling the various safehouses in and around Greater Blackmore to make sure that PK-GKers aren't housed in them. Should a hunter find one, he should immediately try to dispatch the hostile survivor. If he is unable to do so, then he can list the name and location of the PK-GKer on the BBB forum so that another hunter can finish him off.

The GBLB will only hunt known PKers and GKers. Should they notice a zombie who was hostile who has been revived they should take no hostile action against him unless the revived zombie attacks survivors as a survivor. It is our position that it is acceptable for a zombie to act like a zombie when they're a zombie. However, should they decide to become a PKer they'll be flagged as such and thus eligible for neutralization by the GBLB.

To better organize this effort, the GBLB are divided up into three companies.

Alpha Company

Alpha Company, the main force of the GBLB, will be centered on Nichols Mall as they are where they are most needed. Because it is a mall, Nichols is often the site of GKs and has suffered from more PKing than the Blackmore Building. Because of its use as a resupply point and because it's currently undermanned, we'll need more hunters in this area. Lack of generators will make resupply greatly difficult and should Nichols Mall fall the Blackmore Building may not be too far behind. Therefore, it's imperative that we make sure it doesn't.

Members of Alpha Company

Bravo Company

Bravo Company will be those hunters who circulate around Ridleybank and beyond. The Blackmore Building is quite adequately manned by the Blackmore Bastard Brigade, therefore the building itself doesn't need as much attention by the GBLB. However, PKers are still a problem, and so it's Bravo Company's job to take care of them. The Blackmore Building is not their responsibility - rather, their duty is to check out the various safe houses to make sure that they are not housing any PK-GKers. This means that members of Bravo Company should stay away from the Blackmore Building except to sleep and when they're awake they should range to find the hiding holes PK-GKers are using.

Members of Bravo Company

Charlie Company

GBLB Charlie.JPG
The PKers and GKers that are haunting Greater Blackmore may not be doing so from very closely. Likely sources of safety and supply for them are Tynte Mall in Pimbank and Hildebrand Mall in Roftwood. It is up to Charlie Company to monitor these two places and the areas around them to make sure that PKers and GKers don't use them by giving them plenty of Headshots. While they may not be zombies, these hostiles still deserve it because of their actions.

Members of Charlie Company


Members of the Greater Blackmore Life Battalion can communicate and coordinate their efforts together and with the Blackmore Bastard Brigade at the Brigade's forum hosted on the New Malton Colossus boards.

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