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The Grey Swords- Still alive and recruiting!
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Grey Swords
Abbreviation: Grey Swords.
Group Numbers: Recruiting
Leadership: Grey Ferelden
Goals: Defend Reganbank
Recruitment Policy: Recruiting
Contact: Word of Mouth

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The Grey Swords

A re-organised, stubborn survivor dedicated to the defence and maintenance of Reganbank. Reganbank as many know, is pretty much a TRP wasteland, with few resource building of any worth, such as the few Fire Stations and one Hospital. This is one of the reasons for being here in the first place. This "lack" of resources means that survivors in general have to be of a stronger stock to make a home out of this suburb, how it should be in a zombie apocalypse.

Building by Building, Street by Street

Everyone knows that Reganbank is sparse on the side of TRP's, while not a death sentence, it is a very tough place to defend when the only resources on offer are Axes, FAKS and Fuel, to name a scant few.Although these are incredibly useful, sometimes a Shotgun is needed instead of an Axe. Also it should be known that there are no NT's within the suburb, nor Police Depts. But there are a few within easy distance from Reganbank, and they are as follows:

1: Farewell Place Police Department at [20,51] just 1E of Lewer Place in the North East of Reganbank, within easy reaching distance of Nunn Row Fire Station [16,52].

2: Some believe that there is one NT in the Rose district, but instead of this, you will find the Curme Building in Molebank at [11,49]. 1 block north of Buckett Way in the North West of Reganbank. Not helpful if you live far away, but those in Reganbank should be able to reach it easily.

With these both within easy reach, and if maintained, Reganbank is not such a tough place to live. This should allow the better organised defence of Reganbank against an inevitable pounding that the suburb always gets.

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I fight block by block


Leave a message on the discussion page here. Then you just change your Group Affiliation to the Grey Swords, hook up and join the fight.

We are looking for Survivors from level 1 to 41, with any skill and any (or no) equipment. The Grey Swords will support, protect and work towards your goals as we would expect you to forward ours. As the group is based around the principles of MMORPG, and RPG's in general, it is your decisions which will make the character you want, not someone else.

As there is just one of us active, this group is built on co-operation and communication, meaning that even with limited numbers but combined with force and communication, we can and will overcome larger numbers.

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I fight block by block

So if this group sounds like something you want to be apart of, let me know and let's fight for a small place of Malton to call home.

News and Reports

- 18/01/2019 to ongoing: After hearing radio reports that Fort Perryn was re-taken and asking for support, am moving East, South-East to support. Aiming to arrive in 4-5 days if it is still standing.

- 15/10/2018 to 18/01/2019: Moved North-west through Ridleybank, settling at Darvall Heights. Caiger looking strong but regularly ruined and re-captured.

- 01/09/2018 to 15/10/2018: Met up with an old friend, settling down in Roftwood for the foreseeable to help with the RCC.

- 29/08/2018: Wiki pages are being cleaned up and edited. Been a very long time since I was last here. - Grey Ferelden 29/08/2018

What we do

Steel slammed on bone and flesh as the Grey Sword forced the Zombie back one step, and then another. Sweat stung his eyes, and blood covered his armour but even so he could still tell that the creature wanted him as its next meal. Its kin lay dead on the ground around them, their black, congealed blood already cooling in the midnight air. The other Swords were already wrapping up the last Zombies that remained; he could hear their ghastly moans as they struggled to grab hold of thier enemy. It was a futile effort. The tide of the battle had turned. The Grey Sword redoubled his efforts, gritting his teeth as he dealt blow after blow against the Zombie's rotting flesh. It was unheeding of the blows it was being dealt, and its legs bowed beneath the onslaught. It hissed in anger, its dead white eyes widening as its rotting hands were finally sliced from its grasping arms. They flopped to the ground like boned fish, and still the Zombie tried to get at him, this time attacking with its slackened jaw. “Join the rest of your kind, undead fiend!” With one powerful swipe of his longsword, the Zombie’s head severed cleanly from its shoulders. Ichor fountained into the air, splattering on the Grey Sword’s armor. The creature’s body jerked and spasmed, then finally teetered back to collapse and be still. The head kept rolling, he noted, picking up speed as it made its way down the hill and into the streets below. A hush had descended on the area, and with it he allowed himself a grim smile.

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The Grey Swords support the following ideals:

RCC Logo1.jpg Roftwood Coordination Center
This user supports and participates in the
Roftwood Coordination Center

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This user or group supports the Artifact Protection Policy, acknowledging that the looting of museums is strictly prohibited. This user or group will do what they can to prevent museum theft in order to preserve Malton's cultural and intellectual integrity.

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This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.

--Grey Ferelden (talk) 07:00, 31 August 2018 (UTC)