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This is a guide for Bounty Hunters


Since there seems to be a large amount of information around to help fledgling PKers; I believe its only fair to have a guide for beginning bounty hunters. As far as the philosophical discussion on PKing and bounty hunting in general, I'll just say this... PKing has become part of the game and so has bounty hunting. Lets leave it at that. So if your reading this, you may be thinking about becoming a bounty hunter. Keep in mind that while bounty hunting may be satisfying, there are some risks. The number of PKers in game far outstrips the number of hunters. So you'll never run out of people to kill. Keep in mind that they can kill you back, and often will. Many PKer groups keep lists of known bounty hunters to shoot in game. So if you still would like to experience the thrill of the hunt, read on...

Bounty Hunting 101

One just can't go around shooting people who may be PKers. There is a bit of extra work involved. There is one tool in particular which will be an extraordinary help, UDTool. This tool allows you to load certain lists of player names. These names will be highlighted in game for easy recognition. This tool only works with the Firefox browser, so you need to get that. It a much better browser then Internet Explorer anyway, in my opinion. Once you have UDTool, you will need to reference a PKer database to hunt from. The major PKer lists are from the Brainstock, and Resensitized forums. A few other groups keep lists, but the vast majority of PKers will be found at these two places. Both of these forums require screenshots of the bounty collection in order to count it. Both of these forums include detailed instructions on how to capture and host screenshots, so I will not include that here. Below are links to both the Rouges Gallery and Resens lists, along with links to their rules section.

Rouges Gallery - PKer database maintained by Brainstock forums 
PK and bounty reports are entered here 
This forum has specific rules on bounty hunting which can be found here
Major Rules of the RG

First & Third party PK reports are accepted
Screenshot of the bounty claim must be hosted on Imageshack only

PKer must be given notice of crimes to include a link to the players Rouges Gallery listing before the kill.

Resensitized Boards - Various lists of PKers, GKers, and Zergers maintained by Resensitized forums.
PK and bounty reports are entered here
This forum has specific rules on bounty hunting which can be found here
Major Rules of Resens

Only first party PK reports are accepted, meaning that only the victim's report is accepted, a witness report is not.
PKers can reduce their own bounty points by bounty hunting other listed PKers.

Hurting another player without killing that player can get you on the Resens PK list.

Hunting Tactics

1. Use all available information - If you have specific targets in mind, look through the public forums. Many forums maintain a PKer sighting thread, if there's a sighting of a PKer in your area, go check it out. You may not want to bother with reports more then a day old. The Rouges Gallery maintains its lists in order of the time of last sighting, so you may want to check it before you begin playing. Also you may want to check recent PK reports. Those screenshots may give clues to a particular PKer location.

2. Use PKer resources - This really falls under use all information but I believe its especially important. There are a few PKer guides and manifestos here on the UD wiki. Taking the time to read them will give you an insight on how a PKer operates, giving you a better idea on how to hunt them. Keep in mind there are different types of PKers. There are PKers who simply kill for the fun of it; their actions can be difficult to predict because of the randomness of their actions. Also more recently prevalant are PKers who wish to serve the zombie cause. These PKers attacks will often precede a zombie attack, smashing generators and over barricading entry points to help a zombie attack. Whichever category your target may fall under will affect how they operate.

3. Think like a PKer - You just shot some people where do you go? One common PKer trick is to cross a free running lane after an attack. Many bounty hunters are reluctant to go outside, and PKers know this.
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