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So you're sick of groups with choking rules about forum activity, you're sick of the damn zombies in your suburb, and you've got a lot of loaded weapons you can shoot with. Welcome to the world of hit and run.

What you need

Trying to maul a zombie to death with your bare hands is the dumbest thing you can do. And, when you really can't see the punching, it doesn't look cool.

Every aspiring guerilla-commando needs to have this ASAP:

  • A shotgun (loaded whenever possible)
  • Shells for at least three full loads (assuming shotgun is loaded)
  • A pistol (loaded whenever possible)
  • 3+ clips
  • Flak jacket (the enemy of PKers and zombies alike!)
  • A fire axe, this should be resorted to frequently.
  • A crowbar for breaking down a barricade
  • Radio (s)
  • FAK's

These are optional, but recommended:

These are really optional:

Recommended skills:

  • Free running-must have
  • Basic melee training-must have
  • Axe proficiency
  • Basic firearms training-must have
  • shotgun training
  • pistol training
  • diagnosis

Basic Do's and Don'ts

Be courteous

As a guerilla, you aren't really well suited to stationary survival, given the meager amount of First Aid Kits in your possession. Really, don't be a faggot to players. All you'll get is bullet holes and bite marks for it. Maybe you'll land in the asshole list for it. Then you're in really deep shit.

Establish a kill zone

AP'ing out in a open-door'd police station with a genny running en route to a hot zone is going to piss you off. Not only did you not score a kill today, you've possibly put your life in risk. So establish a safe house in a factory, and check for zombie packs. Binoculars help.

Avoid obvious targets

This means all PD's, Hospitals, Forts, etc., as much as possible. Of course, they tend to be EHB, but they are also powered and attract hordes of zombies. Live in it only if you've got 20 other people in there, because zombies often attack the person at the top of the list nad work their way down.

Don't make a mountain out of a molehill

This goes two ways, 1) don't be a priss and complain about being shot once, and 2) don't spray "(Your name here) lives in this place." You'll get killed.

Be thorough!

When you attack a Zed Head, make sure they won't Scent Trail you in to your safehouse. Survivors have an uncanny ability to track you down. Once you strike that first axe blow, you must kill that guy. Lesson: once you hit, you must commit.

Exception: Don't AP out to this rule

It's obvious. If you fall asleep while taking down a zombie, they will kill you in their cold, rotting, rage.

Don't fight the MOB.

They're the largest zombie group in UD. Run away first, then rampage. Don't be the gallant, retarded, Lt. colonel in the movies. Life comes first.

Everyone is mortal

It's true. Even level 43's have 60 HP, nothing you can't handle. Equal mortality in UD instead of cumulative mortality in other RPG's helps people kill. This menas that high-level characters are not invincible.


This is the fun part.


This is for use against PK'ers, zombie spies, and those cultists of Barhah. If you see a player do anything odd, like, oh, say, killing someone else, attacking a cade, or trying to convince people to join the hordes outside, track what they are doing. It they are repeat offenders, kill them. I said repeat because everybody pulls a sick joke or needs some quick XP once in a while. Once you find out what they are doing, jump them when they're sleeping and slit their throat

Hit and run

Use for zombies. Approach, deal fatal damage, run, repeat next day.


Same as Tracking, but only you tell the bad news to a room full of level 41's with a real lust for blood. Good way to save your life and earn a beer.


Is optional. The "army deserter" explanation us sufficient for me. If you want to write a biography of 1337 g4ngs74h, feel free. --31337roxxor

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