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Hey guys this is my guide for how to establish a "good" safehouse

The Basics

So you want to establish a permanent safehouse? A place to chill and hang out with your friends and your own little fortress of solitude? Here is a list of essentials

1. Do NOT make it in a mall (more on this later)

2. Have it semi-close to resource buildings such as police departments and NT buildings. My personal minimum is 6 blocks away.

3. Pick a inconspicuous building such as a bank or a pub.

4. set up a fall-back area in case it gets broken in to. those are pretty much the bare basics of the safehouse

The pros and cons of a mall as your safehouse

Having a mall as your safehouse can be good and bad, mostly bad.


1.Lots of people to keep gennys fueled and radios tuned.

2. you can pretty much find anything you need except fuel and syringes

3. You almost never have to fix the barricades yourself.

4.revive points,usually a NT building close,entry points on the free running highways.

5.Hub for groups and news gets spread through the radio such as major horde positions


1.Big target for hordes and pkers

2.Attracts the.....TRENCHIES!

3.It is big so if it is lost dont expect to take it back for a couple of days.

4.Very hard to rebuild and maintain.

Overall do not establish a mall as your permanent safehouse, at most just use it as a resupplying depot.

Good types of locations for safehouses

-Banks (no-one will suspect you here)

-Towers (nothing special)

-pubs (you can find bunches of people in these and my personal favorite)

-clubs (dark and perfect for pkers)

-churches (divine intervention?)

-museum (cool masks if in a puppet museum)

-libraries (very quiet)

-warehouse (big and roomy)

-school (even zeds hate these places) the list goes on and on check out Building types for more info

A pkers paradise

Now if your a pker you should hide in a dark building such as a cinema or a club but make sure your safehouse is NOT on the major free run highways since the hypocrititcal bounty hunters search using those. Lets say I was a pker, and I wanted a little place to hide, a good idea is to use a club without power, its dark and nobody really uses them. However if you are actively being hunted you will be caught rather quickly in a club. Then you should either get out of the suburb or move to one of the buildings listed above.

Numbers do matter!

In my experiance if you have some buddies with you in your safehouse it improves everyones survival. Even just one friend helping can make a world of difference. They can refuel your genny, watch the radio, help maintain a revive point for you and the rest, maintain the cades,scout the area, heal you, and if you do get broken in they might take the blows for you.And most importantly they keep you interested in the game through companionship.

will be updated later on and is a work in the making --Kinvalor75 16:35, 27 December 2010 (UTC)

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