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This page gives information on revivification for the new player. For more information, see revivification points and revive.

Whether you are a zombie looking for a revive or a scientist giving them out, there are many guidelines that should be followed, and a few that don't have to be followed, but they make things easier. This guide will inform you on how to avoid reviving randomly, how to act when looking for a revive, and more.

Giving Revives

When you are giving revives, there are many ways that you could get yourself into trouble, like running out of AP, or accidentally reviving a pker.


DO keep track of your AP. If you run out and can't get back to your safehouse, you are pretty much screwed. Keep in mind that your AP can go into the negatives by reviving.

DO check zombies before you revive them. You don't want to waste a needle on someone with Brain Rot. Also, if you revive a pker, or a zombie that wants to stay undead, you will be held responsible for their actions.

DO have a planned entry point near the RP. This way, you will be able to get inside before you run out of AP.


DON'T revive randomly. This means you should always check the zombie with your DNA scanner so you can tell that they are survivors looking to be revived.

DON'T attempt to revive a brain rotted zombie unless in a powered Necrotech building. This wastes the syringe and does not revive the zombie, and will trigger a Scent Trail that will allow the zombie to track you.


  • Scientists: Try to stock up on Revivification Syringes, even before you can operate them. You start out in a NecroTech Building when you're first created, so that'll be your chance. NTs are frequently Heavily barricaded or higher, so you won't be able to get back in until you get Free Running.
  • To get syringes, it's far more effective to search than to manufacture them.
  • If you're going to revive a target you think may be trouble, use a FAK on it first to prevent Parachuting.

~Try giving any tips you can think of, thank you!~

Getting Revives

You can get in trouble while getting revives, too, like when you kill someone or accidentally get brain rot.


DO look for the nearest revive point on the List of Revivification Points. Try to find one marked active, with a recent timestamp.

DO look for a cemetery if there are no active RPs nearby. According to the Sacred Ground Policy, all cemeteries should be considered revive points.

DO post a revive request, following the instructions for the RP on the List of Revivification Points or using the DEM revive request tool (or both). This way, you are almost guaranteed a revive.

DO say Mrh? when there are survivors nearby. This will inform them that you want a revive. Other zombies waiting at the RP may also communicate your request to their group, or revive you themselves when they stand up.


DON'T wander off the RP while you're waiting for a revive, especially if you've posted a request. If a reviver comes by to serve your request and finds you have left, your request may be deleted -- and the next one you post may be ignored.

DON'T kill survivors while you're waiting. This could get you on a Do Not Revive list.

DON'T kill other zombies waiting for a revive either. You must be standing to receive a revive, and the zombie you kill may stand back up and kill you in turn, just in time for you to miss the reviver who was coming to stick you. And you could still wind up on a Do Not Revive (DNR) list.

  • Don't kill zombies at a revive point when you're breathing either.

DON'T destroy generators, ransack buildings, etc. Again, this will probably get you on a DNR list.

DON'T get Brain Rot. In fact, don't get any zombie skills (except Ankle Grab which is helpful as a survivor).

  • This point is disputed inasmuch as many dedicated survivors find other zombie skills useful as well.


  • Put He is wearing a name tag that says, 'If found undead, please revivify'. or something similar in your zombie description on your character profile. Though it sounds useless, it may actually work.
  • If you happen upon a place that has Revive Point or the like spray painted onto a wall, try staying there. It should be noted, however, that if the RP seems crowded it may be best to move to another.
  • Although having more zombie skills than survivor skills may deter some survivors from reviving you, certain skills, such as Lurching Gait and Ankle Grab, are rarely looked down upon.
  • If you were infected before dying, put something like, INFECTED, please FAK before reviving in your revive request. A smart reviver can prevent the HP loss that begins as soon as you stand up after a revive, but only if s/he knows that you need it. If you aren't using a request for some reason, you can put it in your profile description. If the reviver knows what s/he's doing, s/he'll check your profile.
  • Staying in a suburb near a zombie horde lowers your chances for successful revivification, and places potential revivers at risk. Consider the Malton Suburb Danger Map while seeking a revive.
  • Staying in a suburb where most of the buildings are ruined lowers your chances for successful revivification, and places potential revivers at risk. They're using a lot of AP to revive you and they need to be able to find shelter too.
  • Staying in a suburb far from the center of the map also lowers your chances for successful revivification, for reasons that may be related to equilibrium and quantum mechanics.
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