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Hospital Culture

"Hold still, this won't hurt a bit"
Groups that choose a Hospital as their HQ tend to put an emphasis on First Aid Kits as their priority resource. Hospital people love to help out. Usually the most helpful to newbs, keeping them alive and giving them VSB buildings to shelter in. They often make "ambulance runs" though they can end up rather insulated in some cases.

Junkyard Culture

"One man's trash is another man's treasure"
Groups that make a Junkyard their HQ are usually quiet folks. Junkyards are low priority targets for zombies and not much visited by Survivors either. They also have the unique bonus of being able to be barricaded pretty much any time, unless there just happens to be enough zombies inside to cause extreme cade blocking. Plus they have a lot of items that can be found inside, if you don't mind sorting through the junk and getting things pretty randomly.
Junkyard people just go with the flow and don't rock the boat. They sit in their kingdom of junk and watch the world go by, for the most part.

Mall Culture

"Move to the NE corner, for God's sake!"
Mall people love their stuff...and being able to get it easy. They love being in their Fortress of Doom with it's endless supply of everything at your fingertips. They also get killed a lot. Zombies love Malls too.
Mall people come in two basic varieties: Mall Fanatics and Lazy Bastards. Mall Fanatics love their Mall. If zombies break in they would rather stand and get eaten than run, just so the zombies will have to spend that much more time taking the place down, considering it an honor to sacrifice themselves on the alter of the Almighty Mall. If they die they will get revived asap and go stand in the mall again. It's not their HP, its the Mall's HP. If they can just keep the place up long enough they think they just might win a siege. (Note: this never happens)
Unfortunately for the Mall Fanatic, the other half of a Mall's population are the Lazy Bastards. Lazy Bastards just love hangin out, dude. If zombies come they run like the wind while Mall Fanatic is screaming to "shore up the weak corner" or "stand to the last man".

NT Culture

"You WILL accept the gift of life...or I'll F'in kill you!"
Groups that choose an NT as their HQ tend to put an emphasis on Revivification Needles as their priority resource. They tend to be of a scientific/tactical bent. They have crunched all the numbers and realize that the Revive Needle is the most powerful and efficient weapon available when it comes to keeping zombies out of your crib. They usually love Combat Reviving, especially the ability to do it even to Brain Rotted zombies as long as they are in their powered NT.
They tend to hate zombies with a greater passion than most, save perhaps those of a PD culture bent. Similar to PD culture as "trenchcoaters", NT culture often tends to at least lean in the direction of being "labcoaters".
These people will always be running an RP. They can't wait to give life to anything that moves, pro-survivors, dedicated zombies, the Brain Rotted. Hey, if they didn't want to be alive they shouldn't have come within a 100 yard radius of their NT.

PD Culture

Groups that choose a PD as their HQ tend to be put emphasis on guns & ammunition as their priority resource. Police Department culture tends to be violent. Even if the group is "pro-survivor" and not out PKing everyone in sight, they tend to speak with their guns before anything else. Groups with a PD culture tend to be belligerent and sometimes take even friendly advice as hostile criticism. These people will be loaded for bear, so beware.
Usually insulated, most of the time they are loathe to leave their PD HQ. Not usually the most helpful to others, but they are fiercely loyal to their own members. While not all groups with a PD culture are "trenchcoaters", they often tend to at least lean in that direction.

Pub Culture

Groups that choose a Pub as their HQ tend to put an emphasis on beer as their priority resource. They don't normally feel the need to actively defend high target resource buildings, but would rather let them fall and then rebuild easily once zombies have moved on. Being in a low target Pub tends to keep more of them alive to respond if zombie hordes do come through.
Generally laid-back, and fun-loving people.

Mobile Culture

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