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So you wanna be alive?

Before you do anything, get 100+ experience in order to buy your first few skills.

So you wanna be alive? You've been dead all this time, and now you want to be a bona fide survivor? Now it depends, if you have brain rot, I would suggest finding one of the Brain Rot Revive Clinics after getting the first NecroTech skill. This allows you to help the revive clinic function, and while doing this get you experience. At 10 XP/needle if you started as a corpse you'll get a skill every 10 revives, fewer if you scan before reviving.

Now, if you don't have brain rot, that is actually more of a problem. Non-brain rot revive clinics are less likely to revive you with the DNA scanner updating allowing you to see profiles. This of course means that you will be labeled a spy and headshot. In order to fix this I would suggest either contacting a survivor group with your survivor intentions, or finding a brain rot revive clinic which will help you.

Of course, you could get lucky and get combat revived, if so, then you can ignore this.

What now?

If you are a brain rotter, help with the clinic using the necrotech skills, with free running as your second skill. After that I would suggest getting the more useful ones, either hand to hand combat or gun skills. With construction/body building later. After you have these base skills, the survivor guides should be able to help you.

If you are not a brain rotter get hand to hand combat and begin by killing as many zombies as possible, until you can get free running. From there use FAKs and your fireaxe to get levels. From there simply follow the fireman guides for survivors.

If you are going to be in/near a mall (something I would not recommend as there will be extra itchy trigger fingers likely to kill you as a zombie spy at first) get Shopping and Bargin Hunter as priority skills as they are the ultimate equipment skills, since the malls with them have the best find rates in the game as well as the best selection.

Diagnosis is a good skill to get early as it allows you to see HP levels, therefore allowing you to find targets to heal, which is good experience at low levels.

How Not to get Shot

As an ex-zombie you likely will wait longer for revives as well as get shot as a spy, likely even reported as one.

In order to stop this I would suggest finding a group that metagames and going on their forums and attempting to establish contact with their members informing them of you intentions as an ex-zombie. This will work better if you have a survivor alt with enough fame to be drawn upon. This plan will likely backfire if you are a well known zombie.

Obviously the Best Actions

This guide was written as if the zombie had no human skills, of course this could be completely nuts. My best advice would be to plan ahead and get as many human skills as possible before converting, therefore not starting out at low levels, instead starting out as a powerful survivor who can cap off his skills, or a maxed out survivor who simply needs to get into contact with a group, at least if they want their revives to keep coming.

The Things you Never Thought Of

As someone who has played both a semi-feral zombie and an organized survivor, I can say there is a big difference in mentality. In general, a zombie doesn't NEED a mentality, you get your flack jacket and then die again. After that, you have your weapons of claws and teeth, your healing being your mouth, and your communication next to nothing. Although there is much zombie metagaming which leads to ingame trick, the zombie is very basic ingame.

As a survivor you need to use many more items and the buildings matter. As a zombie you know that the survivors don't do well if they don't have resource buildings, but as a survivor you know that you are worthless without a resource building. A punch and a prayer is all you have without equipment.

Therefore the first thing to do is to find that equipment, the best thing to get early is a fireaxe since it puts you closer to a zombie using claws in the way of damage potential all the time. FAKs are necessary for a survivor as they are your only good source of healing and your only source of anti-infection.

A radio will also let you listen to some communication, and a DNA scanner will allow a necrotech fast experience. Guns of course are all important.

Therefore I would suggest finding a police station, fire station, and hospital that are close together, or else you likely will die again soon.

The other option of course is finding a mall, but as mentioned above, many might call you a zombie spy.

The Reasons I Treated You Like an Idiot

This guide is made for the pure zombie who has never been a survivor and is likely a complete newb to the game. The point is not for a knowledgeable player, but instead it is an attempt to be as stand alone a guide as I can make it in the 10 minutes I had available to me. Although it, as is evidenced by my reference to 'see other guides' is not stand alone, but may become that way in the future.

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