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This is the Hitchhiker's Guide to Malton, an electronic book created to help YOU, the penniless survivors of Malton, to go on surviving on the cheap. Since you probably just spent the last of your pre-outbreak pay on this book, you're going to need it! But beware, life on the fringe of the survivor fringe is not for everyone. This book will not turn you into a super successful zombie killer, or a leader of a Malton-wide elite fighting force and is more suited for low-profile, lone survivor type players. If this description descibes you, then read on. Just punch your query into the index like so...

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Your Towel and YOU

It is of vital importance that you always know where your towel is. This is because a towel is the single most important piece of equipment you will ever own. Yes, even more important than Revival Serum. The towel is so mid blowingly useful because it can be used to form an improv barricade at Caiger Mall, shine your COs shoes at the forts, or even be used to cover your head when meeting a trenchcoater, who are so mind-bogglingly stupid that they assume that if you can't see them, they can't see you.


When traversing the wide expanse of Malton, It is imperitive that you rest in a safe building, since dying can have some rather unpleasant side effects. Due to the sheer variety of buildings in Malton, the newly arrived hitchhiker may be overwhelmed. This is perfectly normal. It is, however, nessecary to get off the streets while sleeping. Out of the wide variety of buildings, these are a few of the safer ones.
Bars, Factories, Warehouses: these buildings are seen as mostly useless by many survivors, and therefore not seen as inviting targets by zombies.
Cinemas, Clubs, Buildings: these buildings are also low-key, tend to be empty, and contain comfortable furnishings.



Dealing with the Authorities

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