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New zombies to the game Urban Dead may find it exxtremely hard to gain XP.Unlike a Survivor who can gain XP by healing people,do DNA scans and Tagging items,zombies purely rely on battle.Corpses should have 25% to attack with Hands and 10% to attack with Teeth.Clawing at barricades will get you no where and hitting a Human will get you a Headshot.There's only one solution:ZKing.

Have Patience

A low-level zombie can't kill another zombie in one full 50-AP turn.It takes at least two days to finish off a zombie.Either add that guy to your contact or stay with him.Of course,staying with him has some side-effects.The zombie might just run away or kill you.

Death isn't a problem

Unlike a survivor,death isn't a problem for zombies.So if you wake up dead,don't moan about it.It takes 10 AP to stand up and 15 if you had a Headshot.Make sure you have a full 50-AP turn before standing up,if you have 8 AP and stand up,you'll just fall asleep again.

Scarper immediately

After killing your victim,run away immediately!DON'T stay there unless you are sure you want to waste 10-AP standing up.Also,save some AP if the zombie you are attacking has Scent Blood.

Annoy everyone

This has become one of my favourite pasttimes.Find a decent bunch of zombies and kill the one with lowest HP.After that scarper.If that bunch of zombies are completely dumb,they won't check who attacked them and suspect anyone in their group killed them and start fighting.These wastes your victims and anyone around him's AP which could be deployed to kill you!This tactic is not without risk though,if they are friends they certainly won't kill each other.If they check your profile,they can easily use Scent Blood and seek your blood.

That's all.Although you are a low-level zombie now,you can ZK your way to become a high-level Terminator.Don't fell guilty about killing other zombies,they might do the same to you.Enjoy Urban Dead.--Ratyoupop 10:21, 25 May 2009 (BST)

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