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What this guide is about

This guide has been created to teach Zombies how to win a mall siege and go inside and kill the people. There is also a guide for humans. This guide's main purpose was to help the Zombies at Hildebrand Mall, but will help help at many other malls too.

Rule 1: Keep bashing the barricades.

The first (and probably most important)rule is this: Keep hitting the barricades! I've seen over twenty Zombies that seem like they're waiting for the humans to destroy the barricades themselves. I know that it's boring to hit the barricades, but it's better then nothing.

Rule 2: When you break inside the mall.

When you break inside the mall here is what to do: Kill the people that are rebarricading first, so the other Zombies have time to get inside. If no one is barricading, infect at least five people with Infectious Bite. If you don't have Infectious Bite, randomly kill survivors.

Rule 3: Ransack!

When all the humans in the mall are dead (and you have the skill to Ransack), Ransack the mall, so it's harder for Humans to take over again. Also, destroy any radios or generators inside. Make the humans have to start from just wreckage.

Rule 4: The Big No No

This is the big no no. One of the worst things you can possibly do. Never, ever do it: Attack other Zombies in the crowd. It barely gets you an XP and the Zombie won't fight back. Instead, it knows that there's a 1 out of 100+ chance that you won't hit it again.

A Final Piece of advice.

Remember, humans will come outside a lot and attack, kill or revive you. If your revived, go inside the mall or flee. In real life, would a person run into a crowd of Zombies and shout, "KILL ME!"?

--Undead Squirrel 00:21, 18 November 2007 (UTC)

little addition, if you really like being a zombie, and the barricade level is low, get in and tear the barricades down, or stay where you are and give other zombies free XP --Aldaris 17:02, 26 November 2007 (UTC)

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