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I read the other beginner guides before I had just started and they were ok but they were too formal and probably a big turn off to the lazy or busy people.

Starting out

Your first day should be spent finding a building that you can get to that is not only has a good barricade but doesn't have more than 3 or 4 zombies outside of it. If you start off in an infested suburb look at a map.

Priority 2: Get supplied! If you are starting out as a doctor you already start in a perfect place. If not it's a good idea to go find a place where you can build up supplies for your character. Spend a few days filling up your inventory with stuff to go stat building. Read what each item does and make sure you go to your settings and check off all those pointless things you'll never need like newspapers and radios.

Priority 3: Level up! Unless you want to be dead in a week you should go a little out of the way of your safe house and do whatever you need to do to start getting XP. Make sure you can always make it back to your safe house before your AP is out or you'll be dead the next morning (unless you're lucky).

Skills to Get

As a doctor my favorite skill is diagnosis. It makes my job a lot easier. A tip to any new doctors who are skill building, do not buy surgery or First Aid until you are pretty much done skill building. You still only receive 5 XP per heal even though you'll be healing 10 or 15 HP at a time. If you find someone with low HP heal them to full health you basically just cut the amount of XP you would have gotten in half.

Free Running: With all the buildings being too strongly barricaded to enter, this skill lets you go building to building without stepping outside. Be careful, if a zombie ruins the building, you will fall outside and have a chance of a minor injury.

Construction: A very good beginner skill because it lets you keep your safe house safe and start a new safe house whenever you need to.

Body building: Anything that gives you more HP is good.

Any weapon training: Gives you a better chance of killing that zombie; why not?

Skills to Avoid

Again, as a doctor my worst mistake was getting First Aid. Don't get it until you're ready to focus on healing people and not on stat building.

Brain Rot: Unless you like being a zombie, getting brain rot is practically permanent zombification. Good luck finding an open NecroTech building with a generator and someone who is willing to give you a transplant.

Shopping: There aren't enough malls that aren't in zombie hands to make good use out of this as a beginner but when you're running out of things to get then this is fine.

--Sect46 22:24, 14 April 2008 (BST)