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Making a Successful group

So you've started Urban Dead, you have your starter and you've been leveling for a while now. Your suburb is constantly losing to more organized enemies, and you've decided to make a group and organize your men.


Step I - Check the wiki for other groups in your suburb first, and try to contact them if they exist and work with them. If not, proceed to step II.

Step II - Create a forum for your group. You can't co-ordinate people with emails.

Step III - Create a wiki article and/or website stating your group goals. BE SURE to include how to join, and how to contact you.

Step IV - Create an advertisement for the new group in established Urban Dead forums, such as Brainstock.

Step V - Go to a PD or highly populated area and yell about your group. Include a link to said wiki/site. During this step, you can also "tag" buildings with your advertisements (too many advertisements will just annoy people, and not help)

Extra Tips

  • Have a designated safe house. Advertise it in-game or on the wiki. Try to keep it at very strongly barricaded so that your group can allow low level players in.
  • Do stuff! Help with the 'cades, heal people, help with revives, just do something to build up your reputation and credibility.
  • When reviving a low level player with no group, advertise. That small deed goes far.

And remember

  • Be at least level 5. People don't like being led by low level people (some exceptions)
  • Be polite. Being polite will make a great first impression and helps attracting recruits.
  • Don't be rude to other groups or insult them. It will bite you in the ass later on.
  • Don't use too much AP talking and tagging. Actually do things in the community before you start advertising.
  • Save AP when you can. A zombie attack can come at any time, and if you die in the beginning stages it will slow your group down a lot. Also, if your building is breached and you kill the zombie and fix the barricades, it will help your credibility.

This guide is incomplete, more to come.

Some added by danny lee and Tucker78

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