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What is P.I.S.I.T.?

Short for Playing It Smart... In Trenchcoats, P.I.S.I.T. is a guide meant to educate the so-called 'trenchies' as to how to play the game in an intelligent manner, whilst still being that 'fun' trenchie experience, as well as encourage more players to try the trenchcoat experience.

Step One: Get Yourself a Trenchcoat

Standard fare. What you need to do is go to your nearest mall, and change your character settings. In the 'coats' slot, you'll find 3 types in the game: 'coats', 'leather coats' and 'greatcoats', but essentially they're the same thing. Pick a colour you like.

Congratulations, you're now in the trenchcoater uniform!

Step Two: The Trenchie Part

There are several essential fundamentals of being a trenchcoater, however some of these go against the P.I.S.I.T. way. The trenchcoater fundamentals that are acceptable in terms of P.I.S.I.T. are:

  • Shooting zombies needlessly
  • Spouting one-liners
  • Reporting zombie numbers
  • Hanging out at forts
  • Carrying a crapload of munitions

Step Three: The Smart Part

Regular trenchcoaters have a reputation of being thick-headded, mindless jerks who would happily regale you with stories of the time they killed a half-dead isolated zombie in the middle of a survivor-controlled suburb, whilst convieniently 'forgetting' the part where they ran away scared after a group of its buddies showed up to loot the mall. Or they would spend all their day at shooting dead survivors, that are on their long way to revive point without ankle grab, then get killed by the real threat that they ignored. Yeah, a 'smart trenchie' (hereafter referred to as 'coaters') wouldn't do that. A proper coater is there to not only live the trenchcoatter lifestyle, but to help other players with their game too. That means:

Save some bullets for those that are after you

Here is, as a bonus, some information that many trenchies seem to ignore: Some non-agressive zombies sacrifice themselves to help those that are still living: they don't hide inside buildings, in order to allow buildings to be repaired and caded, and avoid ending their days inside or even on top of buildings. They stay in the streets or in parks on purpose, so that nearby defenders don't mistake them with hostile zombies, and so the survivors can focus their firepower on the dangerous ones.

Hostile zombiess have no reason to end their turn away from the buildings they are attacking. All they want to do is the maximum damage that they can with their daily AP. The bad trenchies will just think the zombies in the streets are only weakling zombies unable to hide, that probably don't have Scent Trail or spent all their AP without reaching their destination. Thew believe that those in the street can't retaliate, so they will shoot them first without DNA scanning (Hey, DNA scans give XP, too!)

The Typical Example:

I'm a ZKer (Zombie that attacks other zombies), have left a hostile zombie with 1 HP and ended my turn away from a besieged trenchcoater building. The trenchcoater doesn't finish off the hostile zombie, no no...

you took a headshot from noobcoater the zombie hunter , you hear feeding groan <insert coater location here>

Let's check his building: It's ruined, because he wasted all his AP killing a mere bystander idling in the street rather than recading/finding/cleansing another spot to hide, or just 1shot finishing off the zombie that was attacking him.

Let's check his profile: he is now a zombie.

This has happened many times now, and I don't wonder why the only survivors in Malton are the survi-vores (survi from survivors and vores from Latin vorare: to devour, you guessed it: the zombies)

What a 'smart trenchie' can do

  • Checking the suburbs map sometimes to know what useful tasks there are that need doing (managing Revive Points, retaking Tactical Resource Points, creating Safe Houses, maintaining Barricade levels).
  • Giving revives to each other, keeping spare syringes for other players later.
  • FAK'ing injured survivors, regardless of their 'trenchie' status.
  • Repairing barricades to proper barricade levels (no overcading, unless under heavy siege and/or taking back some buildings from the zombies, making sure there are plenty of ones at VSB2+ for survivors without the Free Running skill to use)
  • Generator and radio transmitter installations
  • Zombie movement reports over appropriate radio frequencies
  • Generator maintenance (repairs and refuels)
  • Cleansing infested building (Please read the Caution note below.)
  • Repairing buildings (Use caution when the building has been ruined for long enough that repairing it uses insane amounts of AP. In this case, a co-ordinated effort is advised. Have one person repair, and another build the barricades and maintains them while the other person has no AP.)
  • Holding TRPs. These are the lifeblood of survivors. Holding one will no doubt help survivors in the area.
  • Identifying BR'ers in outside Revive Points. Remember that a Brain Rotter at a designated Revive Point is considered fair game, and taking them out will help the people managing that revive point. Heck, just telling them that there's one there is helping.
  • Taking back zombie-controlled suburbs.
  • Clearing buildings of zombies, in order to reclaim the building for repair and barricading.
Of course, it's safer to attack only when there aren't too many zombies around, and when you can get back into a well defended safehouse, or when your hiding place is a reasonable distance away, just in case you can't finish off a zombie that can pursue you with its Scent Trail skill. Being in a group is a big help: it makes it easier to cleanse and claim buildings temporarily, particularly those buildings that have high AP repair costs.


Note that while it is fun to frag zombies, you will be able to do it longer when you do it to claim safehouses and revive allies. That gives everyone a better chance to end their 'turns' in safer places. You can only play a tourist trenchcoater that only randomly kicks some rotting ass anyhow, or you can be part of the legendary supercoater groups, to kick much more rotting ass. Blasting the right zeds uses the same AP, but the benefits extend far beyond the XP bonus you get for killing 'em. Helping each other is a few AP, as compared to spending what can be weeks in a revive queue.


Well, that's about as much as you need to know about the basic fundamentals of Playing It Smart... In Trenchcoats. Good luck, and happy coating!

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