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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.


I'm sure many of you have encountered this before. It's an important siege. Zeds get in, and it's a race to kill them and dump them so you can cade up, especially with the recent gameplay changes. You spend more than half your AP killing the last remaining zed, and you hastily click Dump. But he magically stands back up before you dump him. So someone else kills him. And he stands up again. And again. And again. The reason is that the zombie is spamming the ?rise URL command when his health is low. Therefore , the moment you kill him he will stand back up since he doesn't experience any server output delay. Done with right timing, a skillful zombie can ?rise as many as 16 times, turning into a 800(or 960)HP mother of a zed.

Here's 2 iWitness shots of up?rising in action:

Prevent the up?rising!

Spotting a ?riser

Fortunately, there is a solution. First, though, you need to learn how to spot a zombie ?rising. Remember, though, that all these applies only to the LEAST active zed in the building. You can only attack the zombie at the top of the stack. This is seldom a problem since the least active ones are on top, so as you shoot your way down the list get more alert.

  • Inactive zombies aren't a problem, you can dump them at your own will. If all the zeds in the building
  • Some clever zombies, however, will pretend to be inactive by swaying and doing nothing. That can't be helped; make a mental note the first time it ?rises and watch out.
  • If the all the zombies are active, then you need to watch out. A zombie will likely start to spam ?rise when its HP drops below 25 (5 pistol hits), depending on the number of active trenchies in the area. While the zombie may be infecting survivors, clawing others, groaning or simply spamming "grab mah b!g harrah manbagz, harmanz!", when he starts spamming ?rise he will suddenly be inactive. So if a previously active zombie gets low on health and suddenly stops doing anything, you know it's waiting to ?rise.

(As you would have realised, detecting such a zombie is easier when there are fewer zombies in the building. When there are 20 active zombies, you just have to do it the hard way and let them ?rise.)

Dealing with the ?riser

Once you spot such a zombie, alert your fellow friends NOT to kill it. Don't worry about the zed hearing it; if he's refreshing so often he isn't waiting for the page to load. What you should then do is of utmost importance. What all of you in the building should do is...


Yes, you heard that right. Nothing. Sure, heal yourself, chat with others, search the building. But leave the zed alone. Why?

Remember the first day you logged into your 3rd or 4th alt and suddenly got an IP limit warning while you were having fun? That's right, the IP hit limit. Any player with a fixed IP address can only access the UD page 160 times (300 if they paid up). Most of the time, a zombie will ?rise about 8-10 times before pausing to let the page load.

So all you need to do is to wait for the zombie to finish refreshing and wasting IP hits. He may then assume you ran out of AP, and continue attacking you. Now attack him back and catch him unawares, dumping him quickly. If he sees you hitting him again, he will start refreshing fervently once again. Simply wait for him to finish refreshing, and repeat. By doing the above, you turn the battle into an IP hit battle. Since the zombie needs to spam ?rise continuously, while you need only refresh once every 5-10 seconds, the zombie will most likely run out of IP hits before you do. Once the zombie runs out of IP hits, you can kill and dump him with a peace of mind.


Large numbers

The success rate of this tactic decreases as the number of participants increase. More zeds can be handled, since you will kill the inactive ones first, but if there are more than one active ?risers it's hard to track and combat them. This tactic is thus useless in Mall sieges.


it's slightly hard to coordinate everyone to stop attacking the zed, especially with increasing active survivors. Most of them will assume you're a death cultist and proceed to shoot you, then the zombie.


Rise.GIF Prevent the up?rising
This user believes that playing Whack-A-Mole with zombies is plain retarded.

Put this in your userpage or group page if you believe survivors need to strategize more carefully.

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