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Guide:Rat's Tips on UD

Hi!These are some tips to surviving in UD.Unlike other games,UD is focused in a tight space.In other words,it's a gigantic gladiator arena.

Tips for survivors

Unlike Zombies who simply stand up after being killed,you become Zombies.So,unless you want to waste lots of AP getting a revive,don't get killed.Following these tip should help:

1.If you start as a class with a pistol,DON'T go wasting all of it on the first zombie you see.Get to a Police Department and search for ammo.

2.DON'T stay overnight in places like Hospitals,Malls,Forts,Poilce Departments etc.These may have useful items but are highlights for zombie raids.

3.DON'T stand out.Don't say things in your description like:I pwned 100 Zombies in a row!I'm invincible!Some PKer or Zombie will kill you to prove otherwise.

4.Follow grafiti,these are made by generally more skilled players.

5.If you are doing some revives,DNA-scan the zombies.Some zombies have Brain Rot and wait to ambush you.They can't be revived.

6.DON'T use your Flare Gun.It's more trouble than it's worth.Zombies will find you first.

7.Keep moving.DON'T keep using the same safehouse.

8.Stay in a group.But make sure the group wnats you to be there or they'll PK you.

9.Check the Suburb Danger Map.Go to a place not infested by zombies.

10.DON'T barricade.It's too suspicious.Barricade nearby buildings too.

11.Save a couple of AP.In case your 'safehouse' turns out to be zombie-infested.

Tips for Zombies

Being a newbie zombie might be annoying.You can't open doors,your weapons suck,you need 2 AP to walk etc.However,being a high-level zombie will make you a Terminator.I reccomend you go to Siddhant's The Zombie Returns guide.Here are some tips:

1.Never use teeth on a barricade.It has no effect whatsoever.

2.DON'T bother destroying barricades.Unless you have Death Grip and Memories of Life you're just wasting your time.

3.Follow Feeding Groans, they mean food and follow them diagonally.

4.Hands rule!Get Death Grip and Rend Flesh.You're totally gonna pwn.

5.Unless you have Digestion and Infectious Bite,don't bother using teeth.

6.Don't bother getting a revive for a flak jacket and Bodybuilding,get Flesh Rot

7.Raid Fire Stations,Forts,Hospitals,Malls places like that 'cos they have some survivors.

8.Unless you have Memories of Life don't bother opening doors.

9.Make sure you don't want to be human before getting Brain Rot

10.If you have Brain Rot,head to the nearest cemetary and kill the Survivor giving revives.

11.If you're low on HP,feed on a corpse if you have Digestion or let another zombie eat you.Better than getting a Headshot

Tips on ZKing

If you're a low-level zombie,ZKing is the only hope you have.Attacking survivors will earn you a Headshot.Sorry,never tried PKing.Here are some tips:

1.Don't get guilty.Others will do the same to you.

2.DON'T be afraid to die.Just stand up.

3.Use Hands.Teeth suck.

4.NEVER get close a cemetary unless you want to be Human.

5.Run whenever you kill someone,otherwise the Zombie will stand up and murder you.

6.Be patient.ZKing only gives you half the XP instead of killing Survivors,but you will level up.

7.If you find a group of zombies,ZK 1 immediately and run.If the group isn't tight they'll get suspicious and ZK each other or any zombies nearby which could ZK you!Unfortunately,if someone has Scent Blood,they'll give you a piece of their mind.

8.Check the Suburb Danger Map,head for the places with lots of zombies.


That's it.Feel free to add anything if you want to.Enjoy Urban Dead.

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