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Lately, I’ve found myself in real-time fighting quite a lot. I’ve gotten fairly good at it. I decided to write a guide on how to do it best.


So you went out for some zombie target practice or axe-hacking, right? Suddenly, that inanimate object started attacking you! What to do? It all depends on the number of FAKs you have. However, there is two things that you should do regardless.

1. Don’t panic. Remember, there are no insta-kills in this game.

2. If there is another zombie in the square, move away one. You don’t want two attackers at the same time, and the zombie will follow, anyway.

No or One FAK

Step one: Retreat.

You won’t do any good getting killed. Dive back into your safehouse. If you have an infection and a FAK, treat it after you get inside, not before, or you may be infected again. Then do some searching or other activity, or wait fifteen minutes and go again.

A Few FAKs

Step one: Be cautious. Don’t use your FAKs every time you get infected. Wait until you can use the whole kit, or even longer.

Step two: You won’t last too long, so be prepared to step inside once you are very low on FAKs.

6+ FAKs

Note that six is an absolute minimum. More is better. Ten should be plenty.

Step one: Add the zombie to your contacts. Do a quick scan of its skills. You may need this to identify later.

Step two: Keep an eye on your AP. Make sure you can get inside easily. Don’t stretch it, because getting stuck outside means near-instant death in this case.

Step three: Don’t back down. If you have bodybuilding, 45 HP or so is a good time to apply a FAK, whether or not you have an infection. 35 HP without. Keep on the attacking pressure. Use shotguns first, and when out of ammo then pistols. Use axes only if you’ve got plenty of AP, or no other weapon.

In case of zombie retreat: Follow them. Just stay aware of distance. They’ll probably run into a medium-sized horde. That’s why you added them to your contacts.

If you have two or more zombies attacking you, fall back. You will barely be able to heal yourself as fast as they deal the damage, and healing yourself simply wastes your supplies and adds to their XP. Believe me, I've had four zombies at once, and it is not fun. There is only one advantage of healing yourself constantly while they attack. Each attack means less zombie AP used taking down barricades and killing survivors. Plus, if you're near a mall, FAKs are fairly easy finds.

Remember: Don’t go for the kill unless you know you have the AP. Don’t get stuck outside.


You logged in and there is a survivor standing at or near your position. You begin attacking, but suddenly you are being attacked! What to do? Read on.

Lower-Level/Without Digestion or Infectious Bite

Step one: You’ve got nothing to fear from death, so keep attacking. Use your best attack.


Step one: Claws. Tangling Grasp will boost your chances of landing a bite attack later on.

Step two: Bite. Everything is in your favor. Not only will it infect the survivor, further lowering HP, each attack gives you more HP, allowing you to live longer. Use claws only when you lose tangling grasp.

Step three: Pursue. If you’re lucky, you can catch a running survivor stuck outside.

Death: No Ankle Grab

Step one: Stay down. If you get up, you hand yourself to the survivor. Wait a few minutes for the survivor to leave before standing.

Death: Ankle Grab

Step one: If you’ve got some AP, spring back up and keep on attacking, still using bite.

Step two: If you’re below fifteen AP, wait for the survivor to leave. Then stand up and join a horde so you’re not headshot tomorrow.

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