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So you've just began Playing Urban Dead and you want to become a Pker? need help doing so or don't know what to do? Well here's what

What's a Pker?

A pker is a Human Who kills other Humans. it adds excitement to the game. There are also Gkers (Who destroy Generators) and Rkers (who Destroy radios).

Four things to Do when you begin Pking

1.Check the Wiki. Keep a note of a location and have a way to quickly Link to it. Stay in Green Suburbs and make sure you a have a VSB. The Wiki also has information on alot of other useful info

2. Keep a Decent Weapon with you. The best weapon for Pking is a Shotgun or Pistol. If you start of with a military skill that starts off with Basic Firearms Training you can start Pking straight away. If you run out ammo, head towards the Nearest Very Strongly Barricaded police Department.

3. there's no shame in running away. If you run out of ammo, while your shooting someone, there is no shame in just running if you run out of ammo. There's no point in attacking with your Fists when you can use the moves to get more Ammo from a Police Dep

4. Have a friend willing to revive you People don't waste Syringes on Pkers. If your on KOS (Kill on sight) then your sort of screwed. it's best to meet up with a friend who has a doctor account to revive you if your killed your self.

Easy Ways for XP

Heal - Healing Gets You five Experience per heal. Get 15 first-aid-kits and you've got your self another SKill to buy

Guns - Shotguns Give you 10 Xp per hit and Pistols Give you 5. A whole bag of ammo gives you a Whole bag of XP

DNA extract - One for the Doctors. If you DNA Extract a Zombie then you'll almost always get XP. sometimes you won't and you can get up 4 Xp at one.

Need help?

Shadow legion are offering a new service to help those new to the game! if your new, wanting to become a Pker than we can help! All you need to do is contact via our forum and request help! we'll have an account with you. who will heal, revive and Show you around, We'll get you to the nearest VSB. No need to repay us. this service is also available to Non-pker's and only to those who are below Level 5 - - Shadow Legion Wiki page. Link to forum is there

Writen by Little Dapple for Shadow legion. original Guide (Current guide has changed) -

Shadow Legion Forum - [1]

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