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This is a compilation of all the things I learned in my 15 or so levels in Malton. I hope that this can benefit the newbie survivor, assisting them in staying alive, with sufficient skill to help others.

The Basics

Welcome to Malton! You just got dropped off in a random position (in 1 of 100 suburbs), with nearly no equipment or abilities. There are many rules that you need to abide by (for the entire game) in you wish to live.

  • End your day in a building every night. If you fall asleep (run out of AP) on the street, you will die. You will never ever ever ever live sleeping outside.
  • Never sleep in a building with a zombie in it. That is, unless there are only a few zombies, and and 20 or more survivors.
  • Always have a few APs left when you fall asleep, so you can escape in the event of a break-in.
  • If you sleep in a building that has no barricades, at least shut the door. Some zombies have no ability to open doors (even if they can smash down enormous barricades), so you can still protect yourself from lesser enemies.
  • Try to sleep in a populous one, so if Zeds (zombies) break in, they won't all target you.
  • Avoid resting in police stations, hospitals, and NecroTech Buildings (explain later).
  • If you don't already, purchase free-running As soon as humanly possible!!!. This skill allows you to jump from building-to-building, and bypass barricades of any size. Certain barricades, any with "Heavy" in part of the title, can only be passed with free-running. So while other new players are sleeping in buildings, alone, with no blockers, you can be staying in a premium-protected fortress. Note, however, that if a building is EHB (extremely heavily barricaded, the strongest possible), it is a potential target for zombies.
  • Don't trust very survivor -- some are PKers, humans that kill humans.
  • If you die, go here. Look up the square that you died on (on the wiki) for the co-ordinates, and click on your name under the map, and look at the address bar for your id. i.e. ""

If you don't want to read farther, then that is OK -- those were the best tips that can be given. However, the rest of this page has useful info as well, so I'd recommend finishing it.


How smooth your experience in the game is greatly depends on what class you picked. This is less pivotal as the game goes on, but for a while, you are at the mercy of your choice (which you most-likely had no background on). If you haven't picked yet, this guide will make it easy for you to "hit the ground running". Else, this will help you get by with what class you had. I'm going to get it out of the way, and name the classes that have an easier, and harder, time.


These guys have probably the easiest start. Not necessarily the most survivable, but by far the most well-rounded, easiest class. They start out with a skill known as Axe Proficiency, which increases your accuracy with the most powerful, best melee weapon in the game. You have a 25% chance to hit for 3 damage. That sounds pathetic, yes, but you can kill one zombie everyday (which is very good for a level 1 player). Because Firemen are civilians, you pay less for the entire survivor skill-tree. With that axe to get experience, you are set to level up in 1 to 2 days, unless you are delayed by death.


This is the most survivable job, but it can be drawn out for a while. You start out with free-running (which I explained earlier), but your items are nearly useless for your level. You get binoculars, which allow you to look ahead (if you're in a tall building), and you get a flare gun (for attracting zombies). It can be used as a weapon, the flare, but it is one-shot, and has a 2.5% chance of hitting. That wasn't a typo. It wasn't supposed to be 25%, it is 2.5%. You get no tools or skills that help you level, so it can take centuries to get to level two. I recommend going to a fire station and searching until you come across a fire-axe. Hold on to it. It is the best melee weapon, and it never wears out. Go into a hospital, and find meds as well, for yourself, and for others. Some people will let you hit then heal them. Ask first. Once you have 75 XP, you can buy a military skill, for you are a kind of soldier yourself. I would get Hand-to-Hand combat, which will improve axe accuracy. Then do whatever you want (but construction is a safe bet, for making barricades).

NecroTech Lab Assistant

These guys are science type, which means they pay only 75 XP for science skills, and a whopping 150 for military. This makes science classes pay more than any other class for completing the skill tree, as there are more military skills than science. Beyond that however, this a very nice class to pick. You get a skill known as NecroTech employment, which gives you the ability to identify NecroTech buildings, which are vital to this job. You have a DNA scanner, which you "tag" zombies with for 4 XP. You cannot re-tag a zombie until it makes an action. Be warned -- if you tag one, they can track you. Stay in the NecroTech building you start in and search for some days. Don't leave until you have a multitude of Syringes. You cannot use them yet, but they are very useful. It takes 10 AP, but rewards 10 XP, for use. It revives zombies. WARNING don't revive a zed until you scan it. Don't try, even, if it says the cortex is damaged. The syringes can be used with the Lab Experience skill. After that, a goos one is NecroNet Access. It allows you to revive the "cortex damaged" zombies in a powered (yellow) NT buildings, and you can look into a computer terminal (presumably), seeing a map of all the tagged zeds in the suburb. This is why it's important to tag all zombies.

Note: Guide Still under editing. Do not alter until completed.

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