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It happens to everyone sometimes: more often to survivors, sure, but even the zeds get it sometimes. You'll log in for your day's playing and find that, through no fault of your own, you're either deceased or alive when you shouldn't be. The fix may seem kind of obvious, but if you're not sure, this is the answer.


If you started as a Corpse and found yourself revived, the fix is very simple; either Stand up and sit in the street, waiting for a zed to come and re-slay you, or find a Hotel, Motel, or Tower, go in, and throw yourself from a window. While leaping from a building is often quicker and more reliable, waiting to get munched by a zed has some things going for it. First, with all the barricades thrown up around Malton, doing the big jump might not be as quick as it seems. Second, sacrificing yourself to your fellow zeds you'll be doing them, and you, a favor. They get the XP for killing you, and you get more powerful zombie buddies. If you happen to be near a major zed infestation then engaging a little undead solidarity can sometimes be quicker than the pavement staining alternative. Either way, you'll have to spend 10 AP to Stand up (only 1 AP with ankle grab, more if you've been headshot), but you'll be back on your preferred side in the Battle of Malton.


It has been said that it is more difficult to be a survivor on the wrong side, although debate remains whether, and to what extent, this is true. If you have less than a level’s worth of experience and you are not truly in love with your character’s name, you should consider abandoning the character or playing as a zombie.

If, however, you have put a lot of work into a character, you will need to get revived.

  • NecroTech buildings—Hang out near a NecroTech building and say "Mrh?" if anyone is there. Note that it is considered good etiquette to stand adjacent to, rather than in front of, a NecroTech building when you wish to be revived. Otherwise, you may be attacked by survivors gathered inside who fear an attack from massed zombies.
  • Cemeteries, while less often checked (in general), are safer places to wait for a revive, as stated in the Sacred Ground Policy to which many adhere.
  • Player created Revivification Points—Some enterprising survivors have set up “Revive Zones” where zombies can stand awaiting revivification and be safe, at least in theory, from attack. There is a very good revive zone in Yagoton at St Swithun's Church [45, 17].
  • One strategy players use is to add a note in their profile indicating their life/unlife preference. Sometimes it may just be a quick, "Please revive if found dead;" other times people get more creative. Necrotech employees sifting through the list with a DNA extractor will often check profiles to judge whether they're reviving the right person, so keep this in mind!

Hopefully, in any case, when you Stand up the next day you will have the happy buzzing in your ears that means you aren't green and rotting any longer.

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