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So you read the guide before this, and you feel it still doesn't complete your Special Ops training? Want to really get an AK? Red this.

The Supertrenchie


Taxonomical classification: Trechcoaterii Superiorii pumpammoii
Habitat: Found only in Malton, in northeast England.
Numbers: thousands
Prey: random zombies
Predators: Pissed players, grues
Details: A subspecies of the trenchcoater, which speciated from homo sapiens sapiens in Malton, England. It is sentient, and communicates easily with humans, yet humans have an unnaturally cold disposition toward them. The Supertrenchie tends to hunt mainly around its established nest, usually in the Supertrenchie's fantasy, an impregnable fortress. It loves grandoise, prefferring names like Operation:Blazing Storms. These hunting plans show the Supertrenchie's intelligence, but it tends to be incredibly inefficient by human standards. It also has an unnatural attraction toward possessing large numbers of automatic weapons, even though it is only a figment of their highly developed imaginations. These and more reflect the improvement of the traits first evident in the trenchcoater. They tend to be very self-centerd and have huge egos compared to that of humans.

That is a Supertrenchie: trenchcoater to the next level.

Supertrenchie basics

  • Make a trenchie group! Even if nobody joins, use your alts to help the numbers. Remember, this is totally hardcore, we're liberating Malton of the zombie scourge!
  • Suggest an AK-47! Everybody loves IZHMASH firearms!
  • Better yet, follow the lead of the unknown wiki user and suggest dragonskin! Everybody loves Runsecapse as much as Raynold!

What you should do with yourself

  1. Edit your profile and purge any traces of common military.
  2. Write in its place a profile fit for a super-soldier. XM8's and M29 OICW suffice. 20 is better.
  3. Your backup weapon is an Uzi/MP7/Holy Hand Grenade(s) of Antioch.
  4. Your melee weapon is The Golden Hammer of (insert myhtical god-name here).

What you shouldn't do

  • Wear a black trenchcoat. It's passe, and not old-skool 'nuff 2 be old-skool.
  • Be considerate. Remember. You are ABOVE the human race. Plus the common trenchcoaters.
  • Get killed. You're supposed to be immortal.


You have finally come to the good part.

First, you must liberate Fort Creedy and Fort Perryn one at a time using your GAU-8 13-barrel 30mm Gatling gun that fires ~8,000 shells a minute(it actually exists. Look at the USAF inventory, under "attackaircraft", under "A-10 Thunderbolt-II", under "Armament", in "Guns")*.

  1. Make up a name for a plan. We'll use "Operation: Flaming Dragons of Liberty", FDOL for short. Typing causes carpal tunnel.
  2. Approach each gatehouse with at least 10 of your comrades, each holding a GAU-8.
  3. Then, blast away at anything that looks human, zombie, or incomplete black human-zombie shadowy things. Those could 3-D-ize and set out to ruin your glorious scheme.
  4. Watch the pissed off survivors get gibbed.
  5. Storm the gatehouse. Clear it using your M-2-digit-number-above-50-and-below-your-current-body-temperature hand grenade.
  6. Evade the oncoming storm of bullets from the common survivors' primitive, generic, weak weaponry, or take it like a man with your impregnable nukeproof vest.
  7. FIGHT LIKE THRENCHCOATERS! (I took that from one Planet Of the Apes movie. FIGHT LIKE APES!) Pump ammo.
  8. Proceed to inefficiently liberate all buildings.
  9. Repeat for other Fort.

I don't feel like writing anymore, so:

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