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Metagaming is using sources outside of the game itself to gain information, or talk to other players without using valuable AP. Survivor players tend to make less use of this, as they have in-game communication opportunities that Zombie players do not have. However, metagaming can also make your Urban Dead experience far more enjoyable. Here are some tips:


Do not give away your location in a public forum. Doing so will attract zombies and PKers.

Public Information

Check the forums (or this wiki) for information on any major conflicts or raids. It is advisable for survivors to be familiar with the area's that are currently overrun by organized zombie hordes.

You may wish to view the lists of PKers on the forums and the yahoo IC group, as these players kill other humans and pose a risk to your safety.

You may wish to coordinate a revive using the forums, if your character has been killed. Similarly, you may wish to view the forums to see who wishes to be revived, in order to avoid wasting syringes on dedicated zombie players.


It may be a good idea to join a survivor group. These groups coordinate actions, such as hunting down PKers, reviving each other, and keeping safehouses safe. They usually have private forums, and often have fun, quirky (or in many cases, indecipherable) goals and membership regulations.

Forums and such

See the wiki's main page or the Urban Dead FAQ for the location of the mailing lists and the forums.

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