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Hello there! This guide is designed to help you survive the worst and most hopeless scenarios you may encounter while playing Urban Dead.

Of course, in most cases, a little preparation can mean the difference between life and unlife. But, there are those circumstances where even the most preparation in the world won't get you out of a predicament. That's where this guide comes in.

This guide is pretty straightforward, so, without further ado . . .

Locked Out

The Scenario

After a good day of zombie hunting, having downed four, you walk up to your designated entry point. Its barricades kept at very strong, you've been using this building to free-run into your extremely heavily barricaded building for months. However, as you approach the building, panic overwhelms you as you discover that the entry point is now extremely heavily barricaded! Your AP is low, and you don't know what to do.

Basic Survival Points

  1. Get inside at all costs. Any building is better than sleeping outside.
  2. Check a map. This wiki has a great map that I personally like to use, but there are other maps floating around the net, as well. Use it to dictate your moves in times of crisis. Without knowing what lies ahead in the direction you're moving, you may blindly stumble into deserted streets instead of safety. Also know which types of buildings you're moving toward. Malls and NecroTech buildings are more likely to be heavily barricaded than, say, a factory.
  3. As a last resort, tear down the barricades if you must. Try not to do this to a tactical resource building, and try not to destroy barricade levels in front of witnesses.
  4. In a building that's supposed to be very strongly barricaded, spraypaint on the walls that it is an entry point. That usually does the trick.
  5. Watch your AP and don't stray too far from home. Count how many AP you spend heading out and take it into account when working the revive que, killing zombies, etcetera. If your AP ever gets close to the red (12-15), head back. By the time your AP is red, you should already be on your way home. An exception to this is if you have almost killed a zombie and it has Scent Trail. In this scenario, it may be beneficial to finish the zombie off. If this seems impossible, go back to your safe house. If it takes you more than ten APs to get to your house, the zombie will not be able to follow your scent. If it takes, less, though, be sure to at least warn other survivors in the house that an angry zombie may be tearing through the barricades soon and that someone else should head out and finish the job you started.
  6. If you cannot enter any safe house, try hanging out near a cemetery or revive point if there are nearby zombies there. Those that pass by will assume that you are working on a revive and gloss past you. A hungry zombie, however, may not hesitate to attack you. However, since killing in revive points is usually considered a no-no, and the zombie may simply assume that you will be returning to your nearby safe house when you are done, you may not be attacked. However, consider staying in a cemetery a last-ditch effort to save yourself. Check back in frequently if you decide to do this. The moment you get enough AP, try to find another safe house.

If You Can Be Picky . . .

In some cases, you have to settle for a certain safe house. However, if the odds are in your favor, you may be able to be selective. If you can afford to choose your house, stick to these guidelines.

  1. Go for barricade level. A very strongly barricaded building is better than one simply with the door closed, and an extremely heavily barricaded one bests a very strongly barricaded safe house.
  2. Do not stay in a building with zombies. This point is pretty obvious, but it's important.
  3. Go for number of survivors. A building with thirty survivors is better than one with three. Why? Because those other survivors serve as a distraction for zombies if the building gets broken into. It may be callous, but in this game, it's really every-man-for-himself.
  4. Try to avoid powered buildings.
  5. Stay away from the following . . .
  • Malls
  • NecroTech buildings
  • Police departments
  • Hospitals
  • Fire stations

These buildings usually attract herds of zombies, because they contain essential items.


The Scenario

Zombies have broken into your safehouse. Many of the survivors in the building are now bodies on the floor, and a zombie has bitten you. You are infected and are still being attacked. What do you do?

Basic Survival Points

  1. It's best to prepare for emergencies before they happen. Always carry at least one First-Aid kit in case you find yourself infected. Better still, carry 3-5 to get your health up. If you can afford it, heal your fellow survivors, as well, but tend to yourself first.
  2. Once you've healed yourself, make sure you have a couple of First-Aid kits left if you plan on engaging in combat; you'll need them. However, if you don't have the weapons to take on a swarm of the undead, it's best to flee, at which point you will have to find a new safe house. (See the above scenario for excellent advice with that problem.)
  3. If you find yourself without a First-Aid kit, run. Try to get to a mall or hospital. Only go to the mall if you have Shopping and Bargain Hunting; otherwise, go to the hospital. In the mall, you'll be able to find a First-Aid kit in the drugstore. In the hospital, First-Aid kits are abundant, but you may be disappointed to find a newspaper instead.
  4. If, in either building, you have not found a First-Aid kit and have only 1 HP left, do not take any more actions. Rather, use up your AP by begging for help. Eventually, you may get healed. If not, however, it's best to spend your last HP looking for a First-Aid kit. Once you stand up, follow the directions below.
  5. If you are sure you will die, let the infection finish you off, not the zombies. You'll rob the zombies of the precious XP they would have gained had they clawed you to death.

If You Are Dead . . .

  1. If you are dead, from zombie bites or from an infection, shamble on over to a revive point, keeping track of buildings that you can retreat to upon revivification. Change your zombie description to state that you would much like to be revivified, and that you are infected and would appreciate a healing if possible.
  2. While waiting to be revived, what could it hurt to venture the city, biting other zombies, trying to scrounge up as much XP as possible? Make the best out of a situation. You'll gain (some) XP, and maybe get revenge on the zombies who killed you.
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