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Ok, so the skills that are available are:

Note: XP can be earned by survivors by killing zombies, reading books, etc.

Survivors can get the following: (100XP each)Civilian: Shopping, Bargain Hunting, Body Building, Tagging, Construction, Radio Operation,

(75XP each)Military: Basic Firearms Training, Pistol Training, Advanced Pistol Training, Shotgun Training, Advanced Shotgun Training, Hand To Hand Combat, Axe Proficiency, Free Running,

(75XP each)Science: NecroTech Employment, Lab Experience, NecroNet Access, First Aid, Surgery, Diagnosis,

(150XP)Zombie Hunter Skills HeadShot

A zombie is the enemy of the survivors and is trying to take the town as their own.

Note: Zombies can earn XP by Ransacking buildings, destroying barricades, and killing survivors.

Tip: If you are a zombie, it would be best if you don't kill others, for they might try and kill you when they are revived! (Also, try not to kill survivors that are NecroNet Specialists, for they can revive you, and put you on a special nonrevive list!)

Zombie Skills:

All cost 100XP each.

Scent Fear -Scent Blood -Scent Trail -Scent Death, Digestion -Infectious bite, Vigour Mortis -Neck Lurch -Death Grip -Rend Flesh -Tangling Grip -Feeding Drag, These are some of the first You should get- Memories of life -Death Rattle -Feeding Groan -Ransack -Flailing Gesture -Lurching Gait -Ankle Grab, Brain Rot -Flesh Rot

Tip: If you don't want to be revived for a while, You should get Brain Rot.

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