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Hi!This is a guide for ZOMBIES only.(If you're a survivor,go read the survivor guides.)If you're a low-level zombie,the game can be very hard,you walk to a square for 2 AP,hit rates are low and you can't open doors!But,stick through.Once you get a few skills,you'll be a powerful killing machine.The skills you should take in order can be found at The Zombie Returns guide,it's a very good one.Anyways,follow the tips below: 1.DON'T use teeth on a barricade.It has no effect whatsoever.

2.DON'T hit barricades when you just started.It's not worth it.You'll either never destroy it in your 50 AP turn or you will but have only 2 AP and the survivor wakes up and gives you a Headshot.

3.Right,DON'T bother getting a revive to get Body Building and Flak Jacket.Just buy the skill,Flesh Rot.

4.ZK(Zombie Kill)for a while.It's the only way to gain a level if you just started.Go to Riddleybank or somewhere like that.

5.Staying in a group of zombies is a good tip,but make sure they want you there.Don't join them and logout and when you log back in,your 'fellow' zombie mates eat you as a buffet.

6.Hands rule!Get Death Grip and Rend Flesh and you can almost kill any person in a full 50AP turn.

7.Use teeth when you have the skills Digestion and Infectious Bite,otherwise they're just useless compared to Hands.

8.Make sure you really make sure you dont wanna be human before you get Brain Rot.

9.If you have Brain Rot,head to the nearest cemetary.Kill the survivor whos reviving zombies.Either that or he'll jsut inject a syringe on you wasting 10 AP 'cos it won't work!

10.If you're low on HP,use Digestion and feed on a corpse.If you don't have digestion you can always allow another zombie to eat you or some Human will Headshot you!

11.Follow Feeding Groans.Move DIAGONALLY when following them.

12.You can only open doors if you have the skill Memories of Life.If you don't have it,you're just wasting your time.

13.Loot places like Malls,Police Stations,Hospitals etc. 'cos survivors like hanging out there.

That's pretty much it.Feel free to edit this page 'cos I think I forgot or left out something.My other page Tips to Survive is for both zombies and survivors.Enjoy Urban Dead.--Ratyoupop 09:05, 22 May 2009 (BST)

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