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Hi!Now,this guide is for new players in Urban Dead and is meant for both zombies and humans.I won't gurantee after following these tips you will never get killed again but it will lessen your chances.


1.DON'T stay in a Mall,Police Station,Fort,Fire Station or anything like that overnight.Zombies usually check these places and you'll end up dead a lot faster.

2.DON'T stand out and show off.Dont go writing in your description,I killed 50 Zombies in a row or anything like that or someone will kill you.

3.Follow Graffiti.These are made by generally more expert survivors.

4.DON'T go using Teeth to break down a barricade,zombies.They have no effect.

5.GET into a building before logging out and DON'T stay on the streets.For survivors,choose buildings with a door as Zombies cant always get in there unless they have Memories of Life.

6.Follow Feeding Groans,zombies.They generally mean prey.And always move to a Feeding Groan location DIAGONALLY.

7.If you started and had a pistol,DON'T go wasting it all on the first zombie you see.Stoop low and find ammo in Police Stations but follow tip 1.

8.If you are doing revives in a cemetary,use your DNA Extractor and test on any zombie you are reviving.Some zombies hide in these places and have Brain Rot so you cant revive them.

9.Save a couple of AP.You might think it's a waste but you will be glad when you enter a building full of enemies.

10.DON'T stay in a cemetary if you don't have Brain Rot,zombies.You will get revived(if revivication doesn't mind you don't read this tip).

11.If zombies fail to follow tip 1,its easy to be a zombie.Just go near a zombie and say,'Eat me'and he'll kill you and be forever grateful.

That's it.If I missed something,feel free to edit.One last tip,enjoy Urban Dead.

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