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== Dakerstown ==


So, Dakerstown eh? Yeah it’s there even if you haven’t heard of it. It’s the burb at the northwestern-most corner of Malton. As of the time of this publication, December 15, 2006, the place is sorta, kinda dangerous. The reason I say kinda dangerous is that, well, this place is like Malton in the early days of the infestation. I remember a long time back, things weren’t like they are now. The zombies hadn’t figured out how to do a lot of the things they’re doing to us now, and, I guess we were still figuring out the learning curve too. The difference, mainly was that we were all kinda reborn by this. I don’t mean in any cryptic sorta way but we all went from our comfortable western existence completely unaware of how you’d go about surviving an urban disaster when all of a sudden, bam, Z-day. Suddenly even the most anti-gun, granola crunching, make love not war types were forced to loot a cop shop, figure out how to patch up bite and scratch wounds and so on and so forth and all the richy rich suit types are forced to actually depend on human decency in a world where money buys nothing. Now the point to all this is that we didn’t start out very good at this and neither did the zombies who chewed on us. Nowadays, places like Ridleybank and Darvall Heights are hella different, if you don’t know what you’re doing in these parts of town you’ll be dead inside of fifteen minutes, assuming you’re lucky. In stark contrast things in Dakerstown haven’t changed much since the early days. They’re still not very good at it, but it’s not for lack of trying, it’s for lack of necessity and population. There’s a few malls a few towns over, most notably Caiger, but none so close that you can hop over a block or two to load up on guns and ammo to make a big fooferaw and blow the crap outta people.

Basically what’s happened is that in the wake of the severe shortage of angry gun toting yokels and the even more severe shortage of zombies people just kinda sleep in buildings and every now and then somebody wanders into em and kills them. There’s no grandly orchestrated sieges, no rampant breakins, in fact if more then five people sleep in a building the odds of a breakin being hungry enough to take em all down in a night is about a zillion to one. So that’s about it.

Places worth checkin out Unfortunately, this isn’t an interesting part of town, the place with the phone mast is called the Buttle Building, which makes me laugh. So if you get a kick out of buildings with humourous names, this might be an interesting place to visit.

The Revive Point was supposed to be Leeworthy drive, but it appears to have been given up on. Your best bet would be to amble somewhere else and hope for the best.

Groups The groups that’re there are only there because they can be, but by and large seem to do the bulk of their fighting in neighbouring burbs.

Summary Look, if you wanted to start a gang that could easily become the dominant force in the area, this is the kinda place you’d want to do it. Ten people could easily graffiti and occupy the area with minimal resistance, provided they knew what they were doing in terms of safe-houses and general tactics. This is you would have to want to rule unchallenged to have much fun doing it. If you’re lazy, or just a small gang maybe this is for you but this is the original “ghost town” of Malton so, ummm.... Have fun!

Final Breakdown PD’s: 4

FD’s: 2

Hsptls: 2

NT’s: 2

Mall: No


Overview Y’know something, I was ready to write this place off as nothing more than another boring border town. Dull’s town if you will. But something about this place stuck with me. I was ready to head on to Rhodenbank over to the west, and I did, but I kept getting drawn back. Y’see, this place is a goddamned mega fortress. I started doin this because I got so frustrated by the way places like Blackmore and Caiger were being defended. I don’t need to go into it in great detail suffice to say that I feel like we were steaks trying to defend the inside of a fridge, obnoxious steaks too.

Nobody likes River Tactics. There I said it. It’s a fancy circular retreat. I remember seeing a video of a Giant Vietnamese Centipede eating a mouse in a little terrarium. The mouse used River Tactics. It ran around and around in circles, retreating, retreating, retreating, retre.... Munch, Munch, Munch... River Tactics is another name for admitting but delaying defeat. There’s a time to run and times not to run, nuff said.

Now this place is worth fighting for, There’s the Treweeke Mall for one. We all know that Malls are the best place to stock up on supplies and that when you do need to hold up in one building, they’re the place to do it in. The thing is barricades fail, people get eaten, and then you need Necrotechs to grab syringes from. Well not only are there four Necrotechs in Dulston but there’s also three more one block into Rhodenbank and one just south into Pescodside. All told that means there are six Necrotechs within five blocks of the mall. If survivors can’t hold Treweeke, they can’t hold anything. There’s also a decent number of hospitals and fire departments, should the mall fall and you need a patch kit or an axe.

I still think that if people just try and lock themselves in the mall that they’ll get eaten. The trick is to defend the entire burb in my opinion. Zombies always look for the easy meal, if the living population barricaded the entire burb and spaced out over the entire area, including neighbouring burbs, Zombies have to peek their heads in every building in town and they can’t wipe out a third of the population by breaking into one building. If there was ever a place that could be defended as a whole, not just one building inside the burb, it’s Dulston. I’m thoroughly impressed.

Places worth checkin out Well obviously the mall is a hot spot. There’s always people, always chatter. Good times. In terms of places with names you can laugh at, this place has a decent selection. There’s the Silley Plaza, Bruorton drive, the Trood Building, which is a Necrotech building by the way, and my personal favourite, Club Cocker. The Gouger Arms sounds like it’d be a cool hangout. Don’t mess with the Gougers! Yeah, that’d be a cool name for a gang.

Groups Big shout out to Fanny. Even though I’m not joining their brother organization, Manny, anytime soon I still like these ladies, they’ve got what I believe would be termed as Moxie. Foxhound has their HQ in Dulston. Unless groups broadcast it’s hard to know how together they still are, but Foxhound is a well structured group that seems to be damn good at bounty hunting. Lots of other groups operate in this burb, about half of them are incorporated into a larger umbrella organization known as the Dulston Alliance that, according to them at least, was instrumental in the defence of Dulston during the height of the Big Bash and is presently patrolling an area spread over four suburbs.

My personal favourite thing about Dulston though has gotta be the Shamblin’ Crooners. They’re a group of zombies that regularly roam the streets in Dulston, breaking into places every now and again like most zombies do. The weird thing about them, and it’s the reason people there took to calling them the crooners, is that they sing to you before you die. I hate getting scratched and bitten to death, the only thing that compares is the Necrotech Hangover after the syringes wake you back up and even that’s nowhere near as shitty. But oddly enough I can’t help but think, if I had to be chewed to death by the living dead, it’d be a gas if they took the time to sing to me first. Memories of life can be weird I suppose, I don’t know if they were a band back in the day, or if they’re just another example of zombie evolution, albeit less practical zombie evolution but evolution none the less. Either way, they’re one of the stranger stories to come out of an unbelievable city.

Summary Look I’ve gushed with effusive freakin praise for Dulston from the start of this entry onwards, it’s a great place to be a human, well, in relative terms anyways. It needs more people, I think everyone looking for a home should think Dulston. Great city.

Final Breakdown

PD’s: 5

FD’s: 2

Hsptls: 3

NT’s: 4* The NTs in this burb are very well placed for mall defence and there are an additional four

NTs just outside this burb and within five blocks of the mall

Mall: Yes

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