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So, you want to be a Trenchcoater? You want to pump ammo in some random zombie? Fine! There are things you need to learn before chopping up zombies with your Katana! Being a Trenchcoater is both cool and can suck at the same time. Why? Because people don't like them. Some claim they are stupid and unoriginal.

Fear not! There are ways to Trenchcoat without being a total dumbass. They are unheard off, but its true. You can act like Trenchcoater and still be a useful survivor. This guide cover the basic of it. Its also explain you how to be a good one as well explaining how to be an Alpha-Jerk! Its up to you to decide!

Trenchcoater Skills

Trenchcoating is both the art of thinking you are cool and pumping ammo in random zombies. To do this, you need to be a combat-oriented survivor. A few skills are needed (but not required) and those are the millitary skills. Yup, you need to boost your mastery over the holiest of all weapon: The Shotgun!

Most Trenchies start as Private or Cops. Its a good choice since they are the best gun-users. There is no real Trenchcoater Build. All you need is to max-out gun-related skills.

Being a Trenchcoater

Killing some zombies with a Shotgun won't make you a Trenchcoater. There are ways to act depending on the situation. I am covering basic stuff here. This is the bread and butter of Trenchcoating.


What is a real Trenchcoater without some cool, awesome and epic (read: dumb) line. The best moment to say such line is after the killing blow. "Boom Headshot" is a pure classic that never get old. If you need some extra inspiration, watch some action movie, it helps a lot!

Keeping tracks of how many zombie you kill is important, it helps you brag and show how "badass" you are. If you kill some Pker, keep record of it.

Mall Siege

During a Mall Siege, the best thing to do is to find an entry point barricaded to VSB+2. This way, you can freerun in and out of the Mall. Spend your AP blasting zombies with your sacred weapon! For a better effect, insult them while you shoot! Also, it is recommended to have Headshot. This way, you can scream "Boom Headshot" when their head explodes. Remember, alway pump ammo in a random zombie, even if this won't change anything in the siege! When the barricades eventually break down, don't run. Don't repair them. Don't heal the wounded. Shoot the zombies again and again! Don't do anything but blasting zombies. If you are smart, won't do what this guide says! Only dumbasses will shoot. I'm pretty sure you will be smart enough to decide what is the best thing to do. A real trenchie will blast zombies, a smart trenchie will barricade the building and THEN will use its remaining AP to blast, insult and taunt zeds until satisfied.

Revive Point

When you enter a revive point, blast the Mrh Cows! They are, after all, zombies. But if you've got a brain, you will let them live. Only TRUE trenchies farm Mrh Cows! Its up to you to decide what to do. It is recommended to kill the zombie that say Mrh?. (Note: Those are the people waiting for a revive, KILL THEM!1!11!!)


Trenchcoaters don't heal! What are you, a damn nurse, or a zombie hunter? True trenchies never heal! Unless you still want to play the right way, don't heal people and never ask for help!Help is for wusses.


A Trenchcoater needs special equipment to pump ammo in random zombie! Whether those are real objects or Profile decoration, they are required! Take special care to have all the following things!

The profile

First off all, is the Trenchcoat itself. Now you don't even NEED to mention it, since there is a clothing system. Also, there are some stuff you need to add to your profile, including: the customary Scar, standard issue Katana and the almighty, if albeit non-existent, automatic weapon like an Uzi 9mm or an AK-47! Or both, if thats the way you want it. (A rocket launcher isn't bad either when you think about it...)

The profile is generally what define a real Trenchcoater. The more cliché, the better! Now, lets move to the REAL stuff! (I mean the stuff you ACTUALLY carry in your inventory)

Real Equipment (Stuff that exist in game..)

Shotgun x8 (48%)

Pistol x4 (16%)

Flack Jacket x1 (2%)

Shotgun Shell x10 (20%)

Pistol Clip x6 (10%)

Total=104% (I think..)

Problems with Trenchcoating

So, now you are a Trenchie and everybody hates you. Here are some problems you will face. Be careful and always carry a Flak Jacket. You'll need it. Deal with it. If you care about other peoples opinions, why did you became a Trenchcoater???

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