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Guide:Zombie Undercover

Hi!This is a guide dedicated to those who wish to secretly undermine the enemies' resistance.You may not be dying gloriously on the battlefield but you will play a part in the enemy's utter annhilation.Being undercover also means that you will be mostly alone with only a few trustworthy friends.

Some must-have skills

As an undercover zombie spy,you should have some of the available skills,being undercover,you should put more emphasis on wrecking havoc and handy skills instead of fighting ones.I advise you to have:

  • Lurching Gait=You'll need to move around a lot and you need to have lots of AP in spare.
  • Ankle Grab=If you die,you'll waste the least ammount of AP.
  • Memories of Life=No use tearing down a barricade if you can't open a door right?
  • Ransack=You'll need it to ruin those pesky Necrotech buildings.
  • Scent Blood=In case someone who killed you is stalking your every move.

Don't take Brain Rot because you need to be a Survivor for a while.

To work!

OK,so you have the skills,time for your mission.Your mission as an undercover spy are the following:

  • Ransack any Necrotech buildings to prevent survivors from getting syringes
  • Find out the plans of Survivor groups in case they have plan of a secret attack.
  • Ransack any buildings such as Police Departments,Fire Stations etc.
  • Finding a group of prey and reporting back to Zombies(for this part,it is advised to join a group)

How to do

You have the skills,know your missions and now how to do it.These are the following tips:

  • Stay in places that have no significant importance in other words,don't stay in Police Departments,Fire Stations,Hospitals,Malls etc.
  • Keep changing your 'safehouse',don't stay in one for too long.
  • When you feel like it,get a revive.Then gather xp for Free Running and Necrotech Lab Employment,you'll need it when you're alive.
  • Avoid groups.Avoid contact,less contact means less risk of someone killing you.(a few trusted friends won't kill anyone though)
  • Try to avoid getting your DNA extracted.
  • If you find a Necrotech building with inhabitants,Ransack it and send a Feeding Groan or tell your friends.
  • Choose a common or hard-to-remember names like Dertell677 or Mark122 or something like that.
  • Don't stand out.Don't wear fancy clothes and don't type in your description:I pwned like 70 Humans and i didn't get killed!
  • Frequently check the people around you,check their descriptions and see if they're stalking you.I mean if you see a Tommy the King 10 times,might be best to kill him and run far.
  • In a siege,don't fight.Ransack Necrotech buildings and prevent people from reaching cemetaries to give revives.


That's the end of the guide.You can follow it or laugh at it and forget about it,your choice.If you choose to follow this,good luck.Maybe,just maybe,with your help,Malton will be a baston of Undead one day.--Ratyoupop 12:20, 1 June 2009 (BST)

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