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This page lists all of the entries from the Dictionary's B section. Other letters can be accessed from the above navigation template, or from the complete listings included in the full dictionary. This is simply a dictionary listing - for a grammatical overview of Zamgrh please see the lexicon. To find a specific word, use your browser's find function, generally by pressing Ctrl-F.

Note that some zombies disregard use of "!" as a vowel, but words that use it are listed for the general purpose.


B!g (noun)

  1. Pit. (Bragh ragh B!g - 'Black as the Pit')

B!g (adjective)

  1. Large.

B!gbarn (adjective)

  1. Large Building.

B!gam!z (noun)

  1. To commit bigamy.

B!gharn (noun)

  1. Emergency Broadcast System (Big radio).

B!mb (adjective)

  1. Pimp. (Maarh b!mb hazz!)

B!rg (noun)

  1. Bird.
  2. Helicopter.
  3. Airplane.

B!rznah (noun)

  1. Birthday.



Ba (preposition)

  1. By.


Baa (noun)

  1. A sound made by sheep and Mrh Cows.

Baag (noun)

  1. Book.

Baagbarn (noun)

  1. Library. (book-building)

Baaggrab (verb)

  1. To read. (Mah zambah ghan baaggrab baagz. Mah zambah naghan baaggrab bra!nz.)

Baaggrabbar (noun)

  1. Literate. (book robber)

Baaggrab (adjective)

  1. To study.

Baaghazar (noun)

  1. Librarian.

Baamarang (adverb)

  1. Later.

Baamarang (noun)

  1. Boomerang.

Baamarang (verb)

  1. To leave with the intention of returning later.

Baarbaz (noun)

  1. Dolphin.
  2. Porpoise.
  3. Purpose.

Baarh (noun)

  1. Pole. (za Baarh ahn Baarh - 'from Pole to Pole')


Baba (noun)

  1. Father.

Babaghanaazh (noun)

  1. Baba ghanoush. (Mah zambah am nabra!nzbarg. Mah zambah nah barg bra!nz. Mah zambah barg babaghanaazh.)

Babah (noun)

  1. Baby.
  2. Low-level player.

Babba (noun)

  1. Lord.


Bag (adjective)

  1. Having or pertaining to doctors. Harm bag man!
  2. Big. This is more rare with the expanding use of the "!" sound, but some zombies continue to use this moribund form.

Bag (noun)

  1. Doctor's bag.
  2. Collection, corpus, or database.

Bagan (verb)

  1. Begin. Has began.

Baganz (noun)

  1. Pagans

Bagbagh (adjective)

  1. Famous.

Bagbarn (noun)

  1. Hospital.

Baghgab (noun)

  1. Law.

Bag man (noun)

  1. Doctor.


Bah (adjective)

  1. Bad. (Bah harmanz!)
  2. Evil.

Bah-a!r (noun)

  1. Malaria.

Bah-bah (interjection)

  1. Goodbye. (Bah-bah, mah zambah brazzaz. Mah zambah am ganna ganna zzzz.)

Bahbra!n (noun)

  1. Brain rot.
  2. A zombie with brain rot. (Mah zambah am an Bahbra!n. Gaa harmans na-ghan raabab mah zambah.)

Baghz (noun)

  1. Box.
  2. Generic object.

Baghzbarn (noun)

  1. Warehouse. (box-building)

Bahrang (adjective)

  1. Boring.

Bahrn (verb)

  1. To burn.


Bamb (noun)

  1. Explosive.

Bam-mahbam (noun)

  1. Suicide.

Bambg!n (noun)

  1. Pumpkin.


Banana (noun)

  1. Banana.
  2. Penis.

Bananabra!n (adjective)

  1. Stupid.
  2. Foolish.
  3. Crazy.
  4. Ignorant.
  5. Thoughtless.

Bananarama (noun)

  1. Rape.
  2. Sex.
  3. Sect.

BananaRaman (adjective)

  1. Heretical.

Banazhm!n (noun)

  1. Punishment.

Bang (verb)

  1. To engage is sexual intercourse.

Bang-bahrn (noun)

  1. Flare gun.

Bang-bang (adjective)

  1. Pertaining to killing.

Bang-bang (verb)

  1. To kill.
  2. To shoot.

Bang-bang (noun)

  1. Firearm.

Bang-bangbarn (noun)

  1. Police station. (gun-building)

Bangbangarh (noun)

  1. Shooter.

Bang bang man (noun)

  1. Zombie Hunter.

Bangbra!nz (noun)

  1. Policy.

Bang-mahbang (verb)

  1. To masturbate.

Ban!zh (verb)

  1. Banish

Ban-hammarh (noun)

  1. Ban-hammer

Banzaz (noun)

  1. Flowers.
  2. Pansies.


Barb (noun)

  1. Knife.
  2. Thorn.
  3. Point.
  4. Joke.

Barbarh (noun)

  1. Barber.

Barh (noun)

  1. Bar.
  2. Baseball bat.
  3. Stick.

Barah (adverb)

  1. Very.

Baraz (noun)

  1. Paris.

Barbaga zaarz (noun)

  1. BBQ sauce.

Barbarh!an (noun)

  1. Barbarian.

Barg (verb)

  1. To eat.

Bargbarg (noun)

  1. Dog.

Bargahn (noun)

  1. Bargain.

Barggrh (noun)

  1. Feeding groan.

Bargh (verb)

  1. To barge.

Barg z!ng (noun)

  1. Food. (eat-things)

Barhah (noun)

  1. Glory.
  2. Bliss.
  3. Nirvana.

Barhahmaz (noun)

  1. Christmas.

Barhahbarn (noun)

  1. Cathedral. (Barhah-building)

Barhahbra!n (noun)

  1. Religion.


  1. Weltanschauung. The system of beliefs through which a zambah sees the world.

Barhahrag (noun)

  1. Relic.

Barhahraz (noun)

  1. Heaven. (Barhah-kingdom)

Barn (noun)

  1. Building.

Barnaaz (adjective)

  1. Bernaise. (sauce)

Barragazh (noun)

  1. Barricades.

Barrag (verb)

  1. To barrage


Bazaarh (noun)

  1. Mall.

Baza (adjectve)

  1. Busy.

Bazg (noun)

  1. Dusk.
  2. Twilight.

Bazg (verb)

  1. To bask.

Bazgha (noun)

  1. Easter. (from the Greek Pascha)

Bazhan (noun)

  1. Vision.

Bazzang (interjection)

  1. A cry of defiance or joy.


Bgaz (conjunction)

  1. Because.


Bhang (noun)

  1. Bhang

Bhannam (noun)

  1. Phoneme.
  2. Letter (alphabet).



Bra (noun)

  1. Bra.

Braag (noun)

  1. Blood. Abzarb braag!

Braagh (adjective)

  1. Proud.

Braagh (noun)

  1. Pride.

Braaghrah (adverb)

  1. Proudly.

Braagzga!nz (noun)

  1. Bloodstains.

Braam (noun)

  1. Broom.

Braambarh (noun)

  1. Broomstick.

Braaz (interjection)

  1. Please. (Braaz namrh mah zambah. - Please kill me.)

Brabag (noun)

  1. Breast.

Brabram (noun)

  1. Problem. (Nah brabram!)

Brag (verb)

  1. To brag.

Braggz (noun)

  1. Bridge

Bragh (adjective)

  1. Black.

Bragram (noun)

  1. Programme.

Brahman (noun)

  1. The Hindu concept of the supreme spirit.

Brahm!n (noun)

  1. A member of the highest caste.

Brahngagah (noun)

  1. Vendetta.

Brahzzaz (noun)

  1. Comrades.

Bran (noun)

  1. Bran.

Brang (verb)

  1. To bring. (Grab zam, anh brang zam haarh!)
  2. To give.
  3. To lead.

Brar (verb)

  1. To play.

Brarah (noun)

  1. Flower.

Bra!nbag (noun)

  1. Head.
  2. Hat.

Bra!nbarn (noun)

  1. School. (brain-building)
  2. University.

Bra!nbarnang (noun)

  1. Learning.
  2. Education.

Bra!nb!rg (noun)

  1. Owl. (brain-bird)

Bra!ngab (noun)

  1. Thought.

Bra!ngab (verb)

  1. To think.

Bra!ngrab (verb)

  1. To know.
  2. To understand.

Bra!nz (noun)

  1. Brains.
  2. Food.

Bra!nzbarn (noun)

  1. Restaurant. (food-building)

Bra!nz Rag (noun)

  1. Brain Rot.

Bra!z!ng (noun)

  1. Braising. The act of cooking with low heat.

Brazzah (noun)

  1. Brother.
  2. Comrade.

Brazzan (noun)

  1. Present.

Brazza-habban (noun)

  1. Fraternization. (brother-having)


BRB (interjection)

  1. Be right back.


Brrrrh (adjective)

  1. Cold.

Brrrg!ng HARRRRR!!!' (explative)

  1. Bloody Hell!
  2. Fucking Hell!
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