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This page lists all of the entries from the Dictionary's G section. Other letters can be accessed from the above navigation template, or from the complete listings included in the full dictionary. This is simply a dictionary listing - for a grammatical overview of Zamgrh please see the lexicon. To find a specific word, use your browser's find function, generally by pressing Ctrl-F.

Note that some zombies disregard use of "!" as a vowel, but words that use it are listed for the general purpose.


G!az (pronoun)

  1. Which.

G!b (verb)

  1. To kill. (from the gaming slang term "gib") (Ah g!b abara harman Ah z.)

G!bz (noun)

  1. Kills. (Mah zambah haz mannah g!bz.)

G!gagram (noun)

  1. One million kilograms.

G!zz (noun / verb)

  1. Kiss. (G!zz mah azz, harman!)
  2. Jizz. (semen)


G-zazbarn (noun)

  1. Church. (Jesus-Building)



Ga!n (verb)

  1. To gain.
  2. To join. (Ga!n an gang an gaa am ganna ga!n. - Join a group and you will profit.)
  3. To profit. (Ga!n an gang an gaa am ganna ga!n. - Join a group and you will profit.)


Gaa (pronoun)

  1. You (singular). (Gaa am gamma namrh, harman!)

Gaam (noun)

  1. Game.

Gaaz (noun)

  1. Cow.

Gaazarz (noun)

  1. The Florida Gators basketball team.


Gab (noun)

  1. Language.
  2. Text.
  3. Talk.

Gab (verb)

  1. To talk. As in the zombie joke, "Gabbah gabbah, BANG!"
  2. To give. G-Zaz gab gargazz.

Gabba (noun)

  1. Chapter.
  2. Gabber music.

Gabbah gabbah (verb)

  1. To gobble up. Gabbah gabbah gargazz!

Gabbahgabbah (noun)

  1. Speech.

Gabban (noun)

  1. Discussion.

Gabgab (noun)

  1. Language.


Gag (verb)

  1. To be quiet

Gag (noun)

  1. Joke

Gaga (adjective)

  1. Infatuated.

GaGab (noun)

  1. Worship.
  2. Prayer.

GaGab (verb)

  1. To worship.
  2. To pray.

Gagarah (noun) see also Graggrag

  1. A duck. (from russian)

Gagzarh (noun)

  1. Doctor.


Gahhahngg (verb)

  1. To defend.

Gahn (adjective)

  1. Gone.

Gahzazambah (noun)

  1. Zombie linguist.


Gam (noun)

  1. Gem.
  2. Stone.

Gamahnran (adjective)

  1. Next.
  2. Coming.

Gambag Raza!b (noun) see Hambagh Rar!b

  1. Combat revive.

Gambarman (noun)

  1. Compartment.
  2. Section.

Gamma (noun)

  1. A letter of the Greek alphabet.
  2. A type of radiation.

Gamz (noun)

  1. Time.
  2. The ages.


Ganarazharh (noun)

  1. Generator.
  2. Power.
  3. Machine.

Ganarazharhbarn (noun)

  1. Factory. (generator-building)

Gang (noun)

  1. Horde.
  2. Group.

Gangbang (noun)

  1. Feeding frenzy.
  2. Orgy.
  3. Sin.

Ganna (verb; auxiliary)

  1. Going to. (Mah zambah am ganna harm harmanz.)

Ganzgrabh (noun)

  1. Conscript.

Ganzgrabh (verb)

  1. To conscript.
  2. To draft.


Garaz (adjective)

  1. Coolest. (In either the literal sense or the connotation of "neat." Also Garh (cool), Gararh (cooler).

Garh (noun)

  1. Car.
  2. Cool. (See Garaz)

Garagz (noun)

  1. Crucifix.
  2. Cross.
  3. Garage.

Garb (noun)

  1. Clothes.

Garbahz (noun)

  1. Garbage.
  2. Junk.

Garbahzbarn (noun)

  1. Junkyard. (junk-building)

Garhbarn (noun)

  1. Auto Repair Shop. (car-building)

Garbh (noun)

  1. Golf.

Gargazz (noun)

  1. Dead body. (G-Zaz zah-- am mah gargazz.)
  2. Carcass.

Garghan (noun)

  1. Guardian.
  2. Protector.

Garn!zh (verb)

  1. To decorate, esp. food


Gaz (noun)

  1. God. (Aaah mah gaz.)

Gazga (noun)

  1. Cat. (from Russian koshka)

Gazh (noun)

  1. Gash.


Ghaarh (verb)

  1. To care. (Mah zam nah ghaarh - 'I don't care')

Gham (verb)

  1. To rise. Mazzah am gham! (probably from the Arabic qam)

Ghan (verb; auxiliary)

  1. To be able to. (Mah zambah ghan barg bra!nz.)

Ghazh (noun)

  1. Money.
  2. Cash.

Ghazhbarn (noun)

  1. Bank. (cash-building)

Ghanghz (noun)

  1. To thank


Gnazh (verb)

  1. Gnash.

GNN (noun)

  1. CNN. (Mah zambah mmmm GNN. - I like CNN.)



Graagh (verb)

  1. To test.
  2. To talk.
  3. To speak
  4. To pontificate.

Graang (noun)

  1. Ground.

Graan (adj)

  1. Green.
  2. Safe. (R!gh H!hhz am graan. - Wyke Hills is safe [for survivors].)

Graanbarn (noun)

  1. Safehouse.

Grab (verb)

  1. To grab. (Zmazh an grab!)
  2. To attack. (Grab arm, harm man!)
  3. To take.
  4. To get.
  5. To acquire.
  6. To buy.
  7. To purchase.

Grag (noun)

  1. Clock.

Graggrag (noun)

  1. Duck.

Graham (noun)

  1. Cracker.

Grahm (noun)

  1. Crom. Some zombies worship Crom because they know what is best in life.

Grahm (verb)

  1. To come. (Grahm arrang! - Come along)

Grahn (verb)

  1. To groan. (Mah zambah grahn - I groan.)

Gram (noun)

  1. A unit of measurement

Gramma (noun)

  1. Grandmother.

Grammar (noun)

  1. Grammar.

Granba (noun)

  1. Grandfather.

Granraba (noun)

  1. Whisky. (Glenlivet)

Grarrah (noun)

  1. Glory.

Grazz (pronoun)

  1. You. (pl.)
  2. Y'all.
  3. You'uns.
  4. You guys.

Grazzaz (noun)

  1. Glasses.

Grazhaz (adjective)

  1. Gracious.

Graz!ng (verb)

  1. Grazing.


Grh (preposition)

  1. With.

Grh!mm!zh (noun)

  1. Grimace.


gRNA (noun)

  1. Guide ribonucleic acid.


gzhaah (greeting)

  1. Ciao.