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This page lists all of the entries from the Dictionary's M section. Other letters can be accessed from the above navigation template, or from the complete listings included in the full dictionary. This is simply a dictionary listing - for a grammatical overview of Zamgrh please see the lexicon. To find a specific word, use your browser's find function, generally by pressing Ctrl-F.

Note that some zombies disregard use of "!" as a vowel, but words that use it are listed for the general purpose.


M!azma (noun)

  1. Miasma

M!bbarh (noun)

  1. Fiddle.

M!g! bagh (noun)

  1. Mixed-bag.

M!gran (noun)

  1. Migraine.

M!n!m!z (verb)

  1. To minimise.

M!n!m!zm (noun)

  1. Minimism.

M!rh (noun)

  1. Peace. (from the Russian mir)

M!rhazzan (adjective)

  1. Peaceful.

m!RNA (noun)

  1. Micro ribonucleic acid.

M!zarrang!ng (verb)

  1. Misarranging.

M!zra!z!ng (verb)

  1. Raising one's children in an improper manner.


M-ahhrr (noun)

  1. Cat.



Ma!gz (noun)

  1. Maid.

Ma!m!ng (verb)

  1. Maiming


Maag (verb)

  1. To make.

Maam (noun)

  1. Ma'am.

Maan (noun)

  1. Moon.

Maanz (verb)

  1. To moan. (nah maanz! - 'Don't moan!')

Maaz- (prefix)

  1. Most.

Maazmannah (adjective)

  1. Most.


Maganana (noun)

  1. Macarena.

Magaz!n (noun)

  1. Magazine.

Maggang (verb)

  1. To build.

Magma (noun)

  1. Magma.
  2. Lava.

Magrabhan (noun)

  1. Microphone.
  2. Person of North African descent. (pejorative)


Mah (pronoun)

  1. Possessive pronoun.

Mah zambah (pronoun)

  1. I.
  2. Me.

Mah zambah brazzahz (pronoun)

  1. We.
  2. Us.
  3. You. (pl.)

Mah zambah brazzahz ahn zazzaz (pronoun)

  1. We. (formal)
  2. Us. (formal)
  3. You. (pl.) (formal)

Mahgang gaar (noun)

  1. Mating call.


Mama (noun)

  1. Mother. (sometimes in figurative meaning)

Mamaaz (adverb)

  1. Almost.

Mamba (noun)

  1. A zombie dance.
  2. A venomous snake.


Man (noun)

  1. Human.

Mana (noun)

  1. Magical power.

Manag!ng (noun)

  1. The act of managing something.

Manbag (noun)

  1. Male purse.

Manbagz (noun)

  1. Testicles.

Manga (noun)

  1. Japanese comic books.

Mangah (verb)

  1. To munch.

Mangang (verb)

  1. To maintain.
  2. To keep.

Mannarz (noun)

  1. Manners.
  2. Etiquette.

Mannah (adjective)

  1. Many.
  2. Much.
  3. Very.

Mann!zh (adjective)

  1. Mannish.

Manzana (noun)

  1. Apple. (from Spanish)

Manzhan (noun)

  1. Mansion.


Maranara zaarz (noun)

  1. Marinara sauce.

Mararana (noun)

  1. Marijuana.
  2. Drug.

Margarh!n (noun)

  1. Margarine, a butter substitute.

Margarh!za (noun)

  1. Margarita.

Marg!n (noun)

  1. Margin.

Marh (adverb)

  1. More.

Marharhahar (noun)

  1. Motherfucker.

Marh-z (noun)

  1. Mercy. (Nah marh-z, harmanz!)

Marh!mba ('noun')

  1. Marimba.

Marnang (noun)

  1. Morning.

Marrara (adverb)

  1. Merrily.

Marzan (noun)

  1. Malton.


Maz (auxiliary verb)

  1. Must.

Mazagaam (noun)

  1. Forum.
  2. UDWiki.

Mazagaam (verb)

  1. To metagame.

Mazah (noun)

  1. Mercy.

Maz hab (verb)

  1. To need.

Mazh (adjective)

  1. Much.

Mazhamarah (adverb)

  1. First. (from Amharic mejameriya)

Mazza (noun)

  1. Master.

Mazzagrh (verb)

  1. To massacre.

Mazzah (noun)

  1. Christ. Mazzah am gham!
  2. Messiah.

Mazzaham (noun)

  1. Christian.

Mazzaham-am (noun)

  1. Christianity.

Mazzag!ng (noun)

  1. The act of massaging.


Mmmm (adverb)

  1. Tasty. (Harmanz bra!nz arh mmmm...)

Mmmm (verb)

  1. To like. (not obligatory about food) (Zambahz mmmm bra!nz!)
  2. To enjoy.



Mrh (noun)

  1. Life.

Mrh (verb)

  1. To live. found mostly as the imperative, Live!

Mrh? (interjection)

  1. What?
  2. Who?
  3. When?
  4. Where?
  5. Why?
  6. Revive me, please.

Mrh-baggaz (interjection)

  1. Why?
  2. Wherefore?

Mrh-banana (noun)

  1. Revivification syringe.

Mrhbarn (noun)

  1. Necrotech building.
  2. Revive clinic.

Mrh-man (noun)

  1. Reviver.

Mrh-manz (noun, plural)

  1. Survivors with Revival Skills.
  2. Necrotech staff.