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This page lists all of the entries from the Dictionary's R section. Other letters can be accessed from the above navigation template, or from the complete listings included in the full dictionary. This is simply a dictionary listing - for a grammatical overview of Zamgrh please see the lexicon. To find a specific word, use your browser's find function, generally by pressing Ctrl-F.

Note that some zombies disregard use of "!" as a vowel, but words that use it are listed for the general purpose.



Ra!n (noun)

  1. Rain.

Ra!rbarn (noun)

  1. Railway Station. (Rail-Building)

Ra!z!n (noun)

  1. Raisin


Raah (verb)

  1. To row.

Raag (adverb)

  1. Like.

Raabab (verb)

  1. Revive.


Rab (verb)

  1. To love.

Rabah (noun)

  1. Lover. Mah zambah rabah.

Rabaz (noun)

  1. Ruckus.

Rabaz (verb)

  1. To make a ruckus.

Raba!rh (verb)

  1. Repair.

Rabazaman (noun)

  1. Revolution.

Rabbah (noun)

  1. Rabbi.
  2. Robber. (Gaa RNA Rabbahz am bananabra!nz! - You Necronet employees are fools!)

Rabb! (noun)

  1. Rabbi.

Rabb!n!zm (noun)

  1. Rabbinism. The collective Rabbinic teachings and traditions.

Rabrarah (noun)

  1. Library.

Rabzar (noun)

  1. Lobster.


Ragabazh (noun)

  1. Idler. (ragabash)

Ragargan (preposition)

  1. Regarding.

Ragg (noun)

  1. Leg.

Ragg-garb (noun)

  1. Pants. (Ragg-garbz am bah! - Pants are evil!)

Ragg-hanz (noun)

  1. Foot. (leg-hand)

Ragg-hanz-garb (noun)

  1. Shoe.

Ragh (adjective)

  1. Correct.
  2. Right.


Rahb (noun)

  1. Lord. (British Title)

Rah nah (noun)

  1. Now.
  2. Right Now.
  3. Immediately.
  4. Today.

Rahz (verb)

  1. To rush.

Rahzrrragz-an (noun)

  1. Resurrection. Zambah G-zaz am Rahzrrragz-an!


Ram (noun)

  1. Ram.
  2. Lamb.
  3. Rum.

Ram (verb)

  1. To ram.
  2. To attack barricades.
  3. Sheep, lamb, or ram, as in the popular zombie nursery rhyme Marrah haz hra babbah ram (Mary had a little lamb)

Ramram (verb)

  1. To demolish.

Ramramz (noun)

  1. Demolition.

Ramambarh (verb)

  1. To remember.


Ran (verb)

  1. To go. Ran Gaazarz!
  2. To run.
  3. To flee. Ran, harmanz! Ran nahaarh arh mah zambah brazzarz am ganna barg gaa!

Ranbagz (noun)

  1. Mail.

Ranzag (noun)

  1. Ruin.

Ranzag (verb)

  1. To ransack.


Rarazh (noun)

  1. Relish. (food)

Rarn (verb)

  1. Learn. (Harmanz nabar rarn.)


Raz (noun)

  1. West.

Razag (noun)

  1. Revenge.

Razagrang (noun)

  1. Recycling.

Raznazah (noun)

  1. Difference. (from Russian raznica)

Razz (noun)

  1. Tease.

Razz!ah (noun)

  1. Raid.


Rh!bz (noun)

  1. Ribs.

Rh!gh (noun)

  1. Light.

Rh!mzhab (noun)

  1. Rim job

Rh!n (verb)

  1. To win.

Rh!z!zanz (noun)

  1. Resistance. (ie. Ragrabang R!z!zanz!)

Rh!zzan (verb)

  1. To listen.

Rhabarb (noun)

  1. Rhubarb.

Rhah (prounoun)

  1. What.


RNAh (noun)

  1. Ribo-nucleic acid.

Rngrrn (noun)

  1. Penguin.


Rra!nz (noun)

  1. Ruins.

Rrahrh (adverb)

  1. Very. (Ahm rhahrh rrhnrrh.)

Rrhnrrh (adjective)

  1. Lonely. (Ahm rhahrh rrhnrrh.)

rRNAh (noun)

  1. Ribosomal ribonucleic acid